Road Chicken V-1.0

So, Road Chicken. I started making this a while back but then got distracted and left the forum and game all together, but im back and ready to say… this game still needs some smoothing out but it is playable so enjoy.
Controls:D-pad is to move A is continue.


Good to see you back. Are you planning on doing any more with Space Wads?

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Maybe. Thinking about not updating but maybe making a SpaceWads II

That would be good … the game had potential!


From playing the game, I’ve noticed some bugs preventing me from playing more.

  1. The game seems to randomly end. I am supposed to be trying to last as long as I can? After losing for the first time, it seems like the game restarts suddenly each time I start it.
  2. The cars typically will all line up so that I can’t actually get through them because all 4 lanes are being occupied by cars.
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the reason you die randomly after restarting is that the cars wont reset for some reason. and to avoid that go to the bottom of the screen. its a test

What are some ways you think you could fix this issue?

Probably using a for statement or something like that

Or the random() function?

I assume when your cars get to the bottom of the screen, you simply move them to the top. I am not sure what the upper and lower limit of the cars are, but when they hit the bottom you could do something like …

for (uint8_t x = 0; x < number_of_cars; x++) {

  // Increase the car's Y position ..

  if (car[x].y == lower_limit) {
    if (random(0,10) == 0) {
      car[x].y = upper_limit;

You may need to play with the 10 in random(0, 10) and reduce increase it if they appear to quickly at the top or reduce it if they take too long to reappear.

If you made this a variable, you could slowly decrease the value to make the game harder as it progresses.

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If the code was available I could have a look at it and suggest a solution.
So far there’s no code, just a hex file, a licence, a readme and a gitignore.

(Nice to see someone else using the Apache 2.0 licence though.)

@filmote Looks like you missed the shift key. x==

Oops … fixed.    


I mean that when a player get to the bottom or the top its placed to the top or bottom