Road Trip V1.1

Great game! The change between day and night is really well done!

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No problem :+1:

Tried to compile from source but was told by the Arduino IDE the sketch ran out of memory. Found this odd since i was able to upload other sketches before and after (was wondering if maybe something was wrong with my arduboy since i hadnt used it in a while but seemed to only be this sketch)

As detailed in the OP (but tucked away under the heading Compiling / Reflashing) the game uses @Mr.Blinky’s homemade package- especially the optimised core. I will post up some more instructions tomorrow for those unfamiliar with it.


Oh whoops, sorry. Guess i got a bit ahead of myself when i saw you guys came out with this cuz i was excited lol, on my way out of town and just tried to upload it in a bit of a hurry last night so i could play it while i was gone. Will definitely give it another go when i get back though, thanks!

Mann, i absolutely love this game! Outrun has always been one of my favorite Sega arcade games and this is reminsicent for sure… love how the road kinda curves up and down like that, and how you used the different LED colors for the starting light… also thought the changing dithering effects/shades you added really made a lot out of a little and added enough variety it makes it seem like the scenery changes more than it really does, thought that really made it crisp and refreshing to look at without tiring out the visuals. Awesome work as usual guys, thanks for givin us all another one to get hooked on!


Thanks @CatDadJynx … this is a game we started a long, long time ago but probably didn’t have enough experience to complete back then! Coming back to it, we have used most of the tricks we know to squeeze it into the available space and if you compile it yourself you will see there is little room for additions!


Super cute and fun! Definitely reminds me of 80’s overdrive aesthetically, to the point I’ve got 80’s overdrive music in my head when I’m playing it.

It’s not a big issue but I did have trouble compiling it from source at first because some of the includes were capitalized in spots they shouldn’t be, so the IDE thought it was calling files that didn’t exist. Not sure if this is just because I’m using linux or what, but either way it was easy enough to correct for compilation.

I probably should have asked before sharing this, but as I stumbled upon it while looking for something unrelated on my hard drive…

Here’s an image from an early prototype:


(From early June 2018 according to the timestamp.)


No need to ask … there is another thread with that original detail here > ARDU ROAD, a Enduro remake for Arduboy


Uploaded from the .hex file and just wanted to let you know that ‘Day 10’ shows up as ‘Day !’ but 11 and 12 showed up correctly… not sure about anything beyond that but will let you know if my thumbs can make it that far :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooops … will have a look at that!

Version 1.1 new available.

It fixes the Day Banner issue pointed out by @CatDadJynx and includes a number of small performance enhancing changes made by @acedent. Thanks both.


Thought it would be a good idea to post this here :wink:


Stunning work!

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Amazing on both but i would too much have a pokitto to test it. Seems more playable as it seems you have a little more time to react and avoid other cars.
Amazing works on both any way

I am able to garner a copy of lotus turbo challenge 2.bin along with Fusion emulator

Both game are excellent. The dithering is not the best in the world, but it clearly adds retro to it.
Better mechanism than Ard Drivin.

If anything, the “player” car resemble a lotus esprit. Although the exhaust location is off.

I would say that the “auto transmission” and “manual transmission” can be a bit more obvious. Since those two buttons are sprites anyway, I will come up with sprites (of auto gear stick and stick shift … stick)
Like these
Or, you can just use the gear “chart”, like a “12345R” for manual and “PRND” for auto.

Felicidades por el proyecto. Es una maravilla, me encanta.

Por otro lado, he intentado utilizar el juego en mi Homemade Arduboy con los archivos de Mr Blinky y el resultado es el siguiente:

Cual podría ser el problema?? Me gustaría poder disfrutar de este juego maravilloso en mi Arduboy hecho mano con las indicaciones de Mr Blinky.

Saludos y muchas gracias

What screen is your homemade Arduboy using? SSD1309? SSH1106?

You have probably selected the wrong screen in the settings menu.
Look at Herramientas > Pantalla and make sure it is correct.

Looks like a SSD1309 display to me. You can patch games /flash images using uploader-gui python script.

If you don’t have python installed you can also download the FX-activator zip file,extract all and double click the run-uploader-gui-windows.bat file

under options check the option ‘Apply SSD1309 display patch’ and then upload your hex file or flash image file