RoboDodge - Dodge the Rockets!


Here is RoboDodge!
The game where you control your very own small robot as you dodge the barrage of incoming rockets!

Here’s the code on GitHub.

This is my first Arduboy game, so any constructive suggestions on how to better code for the platform are welcome :smile:



Looks great! I’ll be giving it a try when I get home later on!

This looks really good and your code is very clear. But I have to say, some comments are not helping. For example your setup(). You use 5 lines for comments with only “SETUP” in it. If your code explains itself, you may not need comments at all in some parts. If you like comments for every method just for appearances’ sake (like me), you might want to paraphrase the method a bit. Other than that I really like that and I cannot wait to play it (I did not order a developer kit), but I keep watching your repository.

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I think I made those methods larger comment blocks so I wouldn’t over look it. But yeah been doing all these school assignments and they document everything obsessively so I’ve been trying to find a balance haha. Thanks for the feedback!