Robotfindskitten - ASCII Zen Simulation

For my first Arduboy game I decide to start with a port. As far as I could tell, one of the most widely ported games ever had not yet been adapted for Arduboy. I’m talking of course about DOOM robotfindskitten, the Zen Simulation by Leonard Richardson originally for MS-DOS.

rfk.hex (53.0 KB)


I had forgotten about this little game from BITD. Nice work.

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I’d genuinely never heard of this “Zen Simulation” before.
This looks like it would make an excellent ‘hello world’ for video game programming.

For future reference, instead of using weird unicode characters, you can just use <s>DOOM</s> or [s]DOOM[/s] to get DOOM.

The forum accepts BB Code, Markdown and a limited subset of HTML tags.

Thanks - I was looking for a better way to do strikethrough!

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I find it even easier (and more readable when displayed as raw text) to use Markdown strikethrough characters, i.e. double tildes:


I was sure there was a way, but I was misremembering it as --DOOM-- (hyphens rather than tildes).

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