Rodger Dodger - And endless (and non-endless) dodging game

Howdy! I present to you, the community, my little addition to our library. Rodger Dodger is a game I created mostly to learn how to code for the Arduboy, but also because I’ve always enjoyed small addictive games like this. The game is a two mode dodging game where you take on the roll of Rodger, the best darn dodger there ever was. Your goal is to dodge the large falling bullets for as long as possible, or die trying!

“Classic” mode (as it was the initial version I built to get my feet wet) drops you in dodging a large number of bullets with the goal of getting to 250. Endless mode starts you at 1 bullet and increases the number of bullets every 50 points. The game saves your high scores between sessions, so try and beat your best!

Technical notes:
Sketch uses 15,654 bytes (54%) of program storage space

Update log

  • Addressed an EEPROM address conflict

The first 16 bytes of EEPROM are reserved by the Arduboy library for system use. Please use EEPROM at the defined offset EEPROM_STORAGE_SPACE_START or higher.

F.Y.I. You can write or read a long (or any other data type or object) directly to/from EEPROM using the Arduino EEPROM put() and get() functions.

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Good to know about both of those EEPROM facts! I’ll update it now :slight_smile:

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@dantaro, One more thing:
If you’re going to keep your EEPROMWriteLong() function, instead of switching to EEPROM.put(), you may wish to change the EEPROM.write() function calls to EEPROM.update(). This will work exactly the same but only actually write to EEPROM if the value has changed, thus possibly saving on the limited number of total EEPROM write cycles available.

What a cute game! Definitely going to give this one a try! Mind if I host it on my Arduboy Manager?

Feel free to, I don’t mind :slight_smile: