Rogue GFX - a reskin of BluMax ASCII Rogue

Rogue_GFX_Update_v107.hex (78.7 KB)

Just thought it would be better to not hijack the original author thread for this mod. So for those interested here’s a more graphical version of the excellent Rogue game that @BlueMax created.

All credits goes to him for his hard work.


Please note that this game removes the USB bootloader,
so to load another game you’ll have to press and hold the down button while turning your Arduboy on.


How do you feel about making this just a compile flag and including both in the core game (if @BlueMax was game)?

If I was to do that I would need to make that mod cleaner. Right now I hacked my way in. Since some characters were used for more then 1 thing I had to use unused characters for some things that were used for multiple things for exemple the / was used for staff and also as a /. And I wasn’t smart doing my changes lol

On another note. It now compiles at 98%…

But I like your idea. I was initially aiming at doing like what @Pharap did with his Minesweeper and multiple language but in this case it would be multiple tileset.

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Yeah this is much easier if it’s just a tileset swap, one to one mapping. If you try and do things like use a single symbol for multiple things (without just copying it in the font table) then that would get weird and a little more complex.

But if it’s just a tileset then one can imagine making it pretty easy to swap in and out (even multiple size fonts, though that gets more into the UI and stuff). I think right now there is still a large and small font version? Those codebases should probably honestly be consolidated if they can be.

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Nice version! The hit led is just a bit too bright.

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It’s supposed to hurt! :wink:


I noticed I broke something on the hall of fame screen and when we get the amulet of yendor, it’s name in the inventory keeps changing to potion colours lol. Will need to fix that soon.

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Just made a new release matching the latest from @BlueMax v1.5.5.

Hall of Fame screen is now fixed, was just a typo I made while changing the pointer.
Attempted to add borders to the menus.

Please use the link in the first post to get the latest release. Enjoy.



Finally added real borders for the status screen and when the pop-up windows is displayed when we use an item.

Release is in the first post above.



I loaded this onto my arduboy now the board can’t be detected and I can’t enter flashlight mode. Help?

While turning on the Arduboy, press and hold the Down button, it will enter bootloader mode and let you upload a new game. sorry for the inconvenience. it will be in bootloader mode for around 8 seconds, if i doesn’t work right away, just try it a couple times, it should work.

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I’ve edited a warning into the main post.

You can change the wording if you want,
I just wanted to make sure there was some kind of notice.


I changed it from:

press and hold the down button after turning your Arduboy on


press and hold the down button while turning your Arduboy on

This worked! Thank you! I had to load in a placeholder program through the arduino IDE before loading on anything else though, but that is to be expected I assume. Btw, nice work. The reskin really makes the game a lot more approachable and fun!


I am glad you liked it. Did you get far?

I haven’t really been keeping track but I think the best I did was like lvl 16 (so not very good :P). I got the amulet of Yendor on lvl 1 once, which ended the run instantly. I’m guessing that’s probably a glitch and some good luck but I’m not sure.

Remember when you said you made a FPS counter appear. In fact that’s not the counter. When you press up or down on the title screen it let you set on which floor the amulet will be. You probably just pressed or hold up until it was at 1 and started a game.

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Yeah I’m pretty sure I confused the two, kind of new to this Arduino/Arduboy thing so I’m a bit slow lol. Wasn’t sure what it was once I figured out it wasn’t counting fps so thank you!

A game wouldn’t need an FPS counter unless it removed the framerate limitation mechanism.

Using if(!arduboy.nextFrame()) return; actually stops the frame from rendering until it’s time to render it.

In doing so, this limits the frame rate of the game.
By default the framerate is 60, but you can change that,
or as I say, not use the framerate limter at all.

Few games would benefit from unlimiting the framerate though.
That’s something you get more in 3D rendered games.
(Personally I always enable VSync to avoid tearing.)

Yeah that’s why I was a bit confused. Man I’m starting feel stupid asking all these dumb questions lol. I guess that’s how you learn though!