Rogue GFX - a reskin of BluMax ASCII Rogue

Do you have any of the sprites in PNG/bitmap form rather than encoded as a font?

If the question was directed to me. I should have them in a folder somewhere. You need them? I don’t have access to a computer right now (vacations!!)

Was playing with an idea, but no rush.

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@Dreamer3 just added the assets folder to the repo, its a mess though, so all sprites are there individually and there’s also some 8x8 tiles for something else i had in mind at that time.

I hope it still helps you.

@Dreamer3 did what is in the repo now of any help to you now? Probably not as it’s just a bunch of individual files instead of a PNG with all the tiles.

Yeah, a tilesheet would be more useful, but this works in a pinch… is that how you’re using them vs an actual font tileset?

Yup, I just replaced them all one by one instead of making a tilesheet.