Rogue-like ascii based on Arduboy

(Stephane C) #281

Is it normal that a missile wand still can kill a monster even if the wand have 0 charge?

So it doesn’t say that we have no space now then?

Here’s how my score is showing up in the score screen, I am the number 1 at the top. Any idea what’s happening?

Edit : I messed up in my changes. Your version works perfectly. I need to fix mine. I probably broke something by accident …

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(Pharap) #282







To @Vampirics.

Yes, that’s it. I read the original “Rogue” source code, but I did not know well, I left it. In the game “NetHack”, the effect of zapping the wand of charge 0 tens of times to overcome the last effect and disappear is implemented. So, I think that this is interesting.

Yes. “No space” message will not be displayed.

I thought that it was only the problem with my “ATMEGA32U4”. In ABE, it is displayed normally. If I change the location to write in EEPROM, a large number will be displayed in another rank. I do not know the reason. Is it a problem of timing to read data?

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(Stephane C) #284

I am pretty sure I broke something on my fork. Your version is working properly. I will look at your version more carefully.

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To @Pharap.

Thank you! Japanese old songs:
—“one step, one day. three steps, three days. two steps back after three steps”

But I will definitely reach the goal!

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@Mr.Blinky 's icon is “blinky” in PACMAN ( “oikake” in Japanese)…
@Vampirics 's icon is Cute PACMAN designed…
@filmote 's icon is the crab in SPACE INVADERS…
@Pharap 's icon is skull…( …skull !?)

Do you like the old Japanese arcade game?
By the way, for me, the old Japanese arcade game was the time of my life!

“BlueMax” is a character that appears in Japanese old arcade game “SkyKidDX” by namco. Player 1 operates “RedBaron” and player 2 operates “BlueMax”.
I am not sure about BMX…:sweat_smile:

(Pharap) #287




I think you mean ‘crab’.

Crab = 蟹
Club = :clubs:, 棍棒, 会所, 愛好会…


E.g. ペーパーマリオRPG:




Oh! Sorry…
I made a mistake, again…:sweat:

Yes, it is cool and beautiful!

(Pharap) #289


日本語では「club」と「crab」が「クラブ 」です。

‘beautiful’ = 美しい

Hrm, I thought ‘かっこいい’ was just ‘cool’. Maybe I don’t understand ‘かっこいい’?



It is a secret story that I am working to teach science.
I feel functional beauty in the skeleton of living beings.:sweat_smile:

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Hello everyone.

I was doing a test play to solve the problem of wands. At that time, I found a new bug. After that, I also confirmed the bug concerning the high score. The new version is 1.5.5.

Rogue155.hex.pdf (77.7 KB)

This version uses “remove USB stack” technique. When you upload a new game, you need to hold down the DOWN button while ARDUBOY is starting up.
This version is:

  • [FIX] Zapping the wand of charge 0, the effect of a different wand appears indefinitely.
  • [SYS] An abnormally high score is displayed. (thanks for @Vampirics)*1 *2

*1 After all, I do not understand the cause. It may be due to my version of the environment. Please try out the released .hex this time and tell me if there is a problem.

*2 Sorry. It seems that it does not go well.

I’m sorry. I will put the source code here, too. (33.8 KB)

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(Stephane C) #292

@BlueMax the problem I had on the score screen is fixed, I really just made a typo. Your code is correct. Don’t worry.

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(Pharap) #293



I thought I’d have a go at translating/communicating this.
Mainly to practice my Japanese, but also in case it wasn’t clearly understood.

@BlueMax のコードにはハイスコアのバグがありません
@Vampirics のコードにはハイスコアのバグがありました
@Vampirics はバグを治​し​ま​し​た。


(Today I learnt the difference between “で” and “に”. 一日一歩。)


Japanese lesson:

That’s right! Perfect Japanese! but…
People who know the etymology of “bug”
「私はバグを取った」「取った」means “remove”
「私はバグを潰した」「潰した」means “crush”—A little aggressive impression
People who simply think “bug” as a problem
「私はバクを修正した」「修正した」means “to correct”
「私はバクを直した」「直した」means ”repair",“fix”
「治す」means “cure”, “heal”. 「治す」 is not used other than living things.
Also “bug” is a virtual creature, Japanese do not use 「殺す」.

”Joshi" is very difficult.
Many Japanese understand the contents even if there is no ”Joshi".
「私 公園 友達 会った」
However, when using wrong “Joshi”
Japanese can not understand the meaning at all.
However, the Japanese omits not only ”Joshi" but even the subject.
「あなた,今日食べる?」—“What do you eat for today’s lunch?”
Japanese daily conversation

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(Pharap) #295




ウップス。I didn’t read my dictionary properly:

@BlueMax is removing only 1 bug each month”?

I didn’t think so. In English it would only be used as a joke (冗談).

助詞?“Particles”. また、助詞は難しいです。


I worry about not using joshi, in case my sentence is misunderstood.

Sometimes it’s ok to leave out subjects, but usually only in casual speech.
E.g. “(I have) no idea.”, “(I) don’t know”
I think it’s less common in English though, compared to Japanese.

面白い。“に何” was unexpected. I need to investigate “に” more.

It seems easy, but I worry about politeness.
Not using ‘joshi’ seems lazy, and laziness is often inpolite or too casual.
(Maybe I care too much about politeness?)






It means ”@BlueMax is only removing bugs for a month.". But, I may be so.:sweat_smile:

「あなた,今日 食べる?」How to separate is this. It is ”何を” rather than ”に何”. “昼に” means “for lunch”.

I think that ”面白い" is close to “funny”.
I think ”interesting" is close to “楽しい”-“tanosii” in Japanese.
”面白い" represents pleasures without reason when seeing comedy or manga.
“楽しい” expresses a pleasant feeling when intellectual curiosity is satisfied.
So, programming is not ‘funny’ but ‘interesting’.

I should eat Soba.:grin:

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(Pharap) #297


一日一歩 一月一バグ。:P




  1. enjoyable; fun; pleasant; happy; delightful​


  1. interesting; fascinating; intriguing; enthralling​
  2. amusing; funny; comical​
  3. pleasant; enjoyable; agreeable; fun​



Why does curry make you think of soba?



Sorry, I just wanted to eat soba.
However, there are dishes such as “curry soba” or “curry udon” in Japan.

Shall I change the title of the topic from “Rogue” to “yummy noodles”? Lots of people who like noodles in the community will gather. :grinning:


I know a thing or two about making buckwheat noodles.
I’d prefer something with miso though

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To @Freezingsnail.

Thank you so much. Without your words, this game was definitely not complete. (Still, there may be bugs.)
I am very grateful to you.