Rogue-like ascii based on Arduboy

(Pharap) #101

I will try to find time to write a simpler explanation if I can.

“It is dirty code.”
In programming, ‘code’ is uncountable, like ‘sand’, ‘water’ and ‘time’.
(You can have ‘some code’, but not ‘a code’.)
Even native English-speakers make this mistake sometimes.


(Originally I was going to say “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, but I like “一日一歩” more.)

(Stephane C) #102

Nope… But she is learning how to swim right now :wink:

(Simon) #103

Pay attention … when she say’s ‘did you see the somersault I did’ you better be convincing with your answer.


Soliloquy in public.

My “Rogue” has a small field.
Original is at least 24x80, my game is 8x21 It is one-quarter in width, one-third in length, one-twelfth in area…Overwhelmingly small!

The original “Rogue” starts with hunger level = 1200, and food is falling every third floor. Hero will stay 400 to 600 turns per floor. My “Rogue” is probably about one tenth of that, considering from the area.

As a result, in many cases my hero beat down “R.snake” on about the 5th floor, holding a lot of food… Because of lack of exercise, my hero is suffering from a chronic feeling of fullness and slowness of wound healing.

I will give him a smaller stomach and amazing resilience!
But how much? Uhm…

(Pharap) #105

I just realised that I never learned what “soliloquy” means.
Now I know - it’s like a monologue, but for the benefit of the audience.

  1. divide by 2
  2. test it
  3. if not good enough, goto 1
  4. + and - small amounts (16, 10, 8) until it seems good enough
  5. if the final value is less than 255, use a uint8_t instead of a uint16_t

And if that doesn’t work… 「試行錯誤」


Thank you my teacher, @Pharap.

I am just doing ”試行錯誤” now.
1/3 stomach, 3 times regeneration…

However, I have to quit. I have to go to work early tomorrow.,:pensive:

(Jul) #107

I’ve been waiting for a Rogue clone so, thank you!
One thing I noticed is that when you press A_BUTTON and DOWN_BUTTON to look at your stats it counts as an action and the monsters can attack you. In the original game stats where always on screen. Maybe rest and search action could be triggered by the release of the button and not by just pressing it.
Also I loved the commentary on top of the screen in the original game. Arduboy screen may be a bit too cramped for that thoug.


To @Jul. Thank you for your opinion on my game.

I was also waiting for someone other than “me” to make “Rogue clone”.:sweat_smile:

You are right. I had a lot of trouble deciding how to operate my game. I have to allocate many commands to just 6 buttons!
I grasped this problem. I think that I can fix this problem in the next release.

“you hear maniacal laughter in the distance” —from original Rogue
I also love the original Rogue message. There is also a problem of screen size, but the main reason is my low ability of programming…:cry:

(Stephane C) #109

You are getting better everyday. Be proud of yourself. You can do it.


Thank you, @Vampirics!

This topic began on January 21st. I have only been here for three weeks, but I really learned a lot. Because you and the people of this community helped me. I am convinced that this community is truly wonderful.

I think that I can release a new version a little more.


Hello, everyone!
I will release a new version of my “Rogue”. The new version is 1.2.

Rogue12.hex.pdf (78.6 KB)

This version uses “remove USB stack” technique. When you upload a new game, you need to hold down the DOWN button while ARDUBOY is starting up.

This version is:

  • [FIX] Changing the display method of the status screen(thanks for @Jul) *1
  • [FIX] Leprechaun drops only gold
  • [FIX] Monsters that should not have things sometimes drop things
  • [FIX] Things go too far when throwing it
  • [FIX] Behavior of “wand of change”
  • [FIX] “dir?” Indication does not disappear
  • [FIX] Monsters do not act when using things and dropping ones
  • [FIX] A few added messages
  • [FIX] change “gold potion” to “orange option”
  • [FIX] The hero’s stomach is too big *2
  • [FIX] Hero is slow to heal wounds *3

*1) Hold down A_BUTTON and press DOWN_BUTTON to display the status screen. When A_BUTTON is released, the display disappears.
*2) I made one - third of my hero 's stomach. I think the hero is hungry on about 3rd floor.
*3) The hero recovers at 3 times faster. But I do not know if that is good or bad. Although heroes may recover while running around, my “Rogue” does not even have a place ”running around"…


I have found strange behavior. I will add another feature at the same time. I’m sorry. Version is 1.2.1.

Rogue121.hex.pdf (78.7 KB)

This version uses “remove USB stack” technique. When you upload a new game, you need to hold down the DOWN button while ARDUBOY is starting up.

  • [FIX] Even though the hero is blind, when he (or she) try to throw things, she (or he) can see the surroundings.
  • [FIX] Even though the hero is confused, things are thrown exactly.

(Jul) #113

The new starving rate is fun!
I see you try to have the entire level on 1 screen and I really like that but have you ever tought of recreating the same dimension of the original by making the screen shift?
Last thing: is there an indication to the new weapon equipped? I always see the “E” on the mace(1,1).

(Stephane C) #114

That’s because you have to unequip it by using it again before trying to equip something else…

(Pharap) #115

At the moment there’s defintiely not enough spare progmem to do that.


Thank you, @Jul.

I also think that this size is good for the size of the hero’s stomach.

80x24=1920. If 1 bit is allocated, 1920/8=240 bytes. If 2 bits, 480 bytes…
Since the dungeon of “Rogue” is simple, the place where the hero enters is set to 1, the place not to enter is set to 0… If I check 8 bits around a certain place, it will be possible to judge whether the place is a wall, floor or door. Heroes, monsters, items are displayed as sprites, and collision judgment is performed like an action game…
…Like an action game? Wow! This is “Diablo”! When I am thinking in this way, it is the most enjoyable.

Sorry for lack of explanation. Please follow @Vampirics’s explanation. I also thought about changing the menu according to what hero chose. If it’s food “eat” instead of “use”. If potion “drink” instead of “use”… That is not so difficult, but memory is insufficient.:sweat:

(Stephane C) #117

Diablo 1 and 2 are in my top 10 favourite games… Also… Ever tried Diablo RL?

Here’s a link. I loved it

This is basically Rogue in the Diablo 1 universe.


This game is amazing. I did not know this game. Although it is only an ASCII character, it is a very beautiful screen…


Tinyfont? (for the stats)

(Stephane C) #120

Loading 2 fonts wouldn’t be saving us anything. I’d rather make it use an external font and only have the required characters instead of keeping unused characters I think that would give some saving at least.