Rogue-like ascii based on Arduboy

(Simon) #141

You should be able to hack my code easily:

(Pharap) #142

Seems you’re a bit late to the party:

The use of Sprites tipped the memory scale:

But granted, it could serve as a basis for another font class if the drawing code was replaced.

Though I’d recommend including some of the changes from my fork as well:

(Simon) #143

Story of my life :slight_smile: I must admit I have been skimming this thread as the Japanese language instructions were beyond me.


Thank you! @filmote.

I took advantage of your great invention. I do not understand all of your code. However, I can display it for the time being. I thank you for your great invention.

To @Vampirics. Thank you for your reply. (39.2 KB)

Sorry I can not use GitHub yet.
/src/fonts/font5x7.cpp is the data for display. Ascii code from 32nd to 126th is used as character data. Other than that, it is unused. I still have about 1000 bytes of free memory. As one character 8 bytes, it is available for 125 pieces!

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I am glad it was of use. I recall @pharap did some markup on the code including changing the spelling of ‘color’ to ‘colour’ and some real changes!

(Pharap) #146

I could add some translations or attempt to teach you how to read it if you want. :P

(Hopefully shoving it through Google translate will provide something legible.)

I would be happy to explain the code.
(I could attempt to explain in Japanese.)

Perhaps you should practise with GitHub before writing more code?

As always, I can help to explain things.

Using the superior spelling of colour is a perfectly real change. :P


Thank you, @filmote.

Even since I used “ARDUBOY_NO_USB”, I was also helped by you!

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I think if I was learning a language it would be Spanish. I loved it when I was there and I am heading to Uruguay in May.

My favourite macro !

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I am not even sure if I can do what I just did since I think @BlueMax did not specified a license, but I took the liberty of trying to ‘pimp’ his Rogue.

Here’s a preview of what I did so far.


Oh and for you @BlueMax, I made a pre release on GitHub so you can have access to what I did.

I want to be really clear here, this game is all made by @BlueMax and he is doing a great job! I am just merely modding his work.

There is still a couple symbols that I am not too sure what they are and the game over screen is messed up a little because of my changes, but I only worked 1 hour on it this morning. I will fix whatever is left.

My goal is more to be able to find a way to be able to replace the tileset easily.

@BlueMax , what is supposed to be that symbol? ’ { ’ ?

I don’t know if it’s just my Arduboy, but it seems to be harder to go in bootloader by holding down now, it doesn’t always flashes yellow, could it be because of using just Arduboy2Base ?

(Stephane C) #150

Just made a quick update, check in the releases to get it.


To @Vampirics.

While I was asleep, a miracle was happening…

I will make the license of this program “MIT”.

The symbol “{” represents a rustproof armor. For example, leather armor and armor protected by scrolls.

I used “Cathy 3K bootloader”, so I did not notice that. Does anyone know why?

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It is unlikely to be the use of Arduboy2Base. Does the new code base have code in the title screen to drop to the bootloader as well? This code will allow kick in if the boot loading code does not detect your keypress.

(Stephane C) #153

Hmm I think he only relies on what’s the macro is doing, so only when you hold while turn it ON. We are already at 98% with low memory warning. Hopefully my changes didn’t make it bigger at all.

(Stephane C) #154

Great, I will include your license as soon as you add it to your source.

Ok, I will have to change the sprite I was using then, I thought it was helmet… Makes sense now. I think we will have a shield icon for normal and a shield icon with a + in it for the rust proof. Thank you for the clarification.

I really wish we could have more messages, like when we fight. It adds the the atmosphere…

(Jul) #155

That’s a big part of the original game in my opinion. It is inspired by D&D so narration makes everything more immersive but it takes space i guess.
Thanks again to @BlueMax for the hard work.
Are you following some wiki (like NetHack’s) for damage and effects?
Is the save function in development?
Did you replace the two handed sword with the axe? (Or maybe now is sword>axe instead of THS>sword) That’s clever.

(Stephane C) #156

I am pretty sure we could fit text like ’ you attacked the Kestrel’ or ’ The Kestrel missed’

But we will need more saving probably.


Hello everyone!
I will release a new version of my “Rogue”. Version is 1.4.

Rogue14.hex.pdf (77.7 KB)

This version uses “remove USB stack” technique. When you upload a new game, you need to hold down the DOWN button while ARDUBOY is starting up.

This version is:

  • [FIX] The dungeon is no longer safe anymore.(Setting traps)
  • [FIX] Heroes head for heaven for various reasons.
  • [FIX] Damage calculation for wand of missile
  • [FIX] Drag calculation of the dragon’s breath
  • [SYS] Font glyph correction, a bit

Now the program could incorporate most of the fixes I wanted to add. (Other than save function) I think that this game is pretty close to the original. What I should do is a minor modification and balance adjustment. It really is because of your help!

I played a slightly longer test play to try out new features. It’s funny to say on my own, but this game is interesting! (The source code is messed up.:sweat:) Please try it!


Thank you, @Vampirics and @Jul!

When I thought about reproducing “Rogue” on ARDUBOY, I noticed that it was very difficult. What to implement and what to omit. I thought it was impossible to reproduce everything… only 32 kilo bytes!

I have tried implementing a message. “hobgoblin hits you.”, “you hit hobgoblin”… That remnant remains in the source code. ( void addBuf(byte) function) However, I was not good at manipulating character strings, and I could not organize programs small. This is why the “two handed sword” is becoming an “axe”. Also, ARDUBOY has small screen. “Two handed sword” is 16 characters!

But packing luggage well into small boxes is very heady and it is fun!

(Stephane C) #159

Will try it tomorrow. Can you share the updated source? Also please don’t forget to add a license :slight_smile:


Oops. I made a mistake. (28.0 KB)