Roo Run - A Kangaroo Escape Story

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Roo Run - v 1

The zoo had to close and now all the animals are trying to escape! Help the kangaroo run away from the animal control who’s trying to catch him. Push A and B back and forth as fast as you can to run faster. This game was created for the first Arduboy Game Jam. ! Your high score will be recorded and saved. If you think you get a really high score, Tweet me a pic!


A/B: Run faster


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1.0: May 22nd, 2017

  • Initial Release

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What did you use to make the title screen?
It is so good!

(Holmes) #3

I just used Photoshop… :stuck_out_tongue:


Factual inaccuracy, Your kangaroo is not wearing an Akubra, nor is he drinking xxxx gold, likewise there were no drop bears to dodge.

Source: Australian

Eried's Unofficial Repo :)
(Scott) #5
  • Testing in the sound() function is redundant. By passing to the ArduboyPlaytune tunes object, the tunes.tone() call will handle muting for you.

  • You’re using EEPROM.update() to save the high score but it will only save one byte of the unsigned int highscore. I think you want to use EEPROM.put().

(Holmes) #6

Thanks, MLXXXp! Totes forgot! O_O


Think I just killed A and B buttons playing this ;-X

(Molly C) #8

I get a lil dizzy when playing this because I end up shaking the Arduboy so much when playing. :dizzy_face: The scrolling background looks great. I would love to know what you initially had in mind for this game since I saw somewhere that you changed plans to make the deadline.

(Holmes) #9

Initially, there would be trash cans and other obstacles that spawn in your path, meaning you would have to jump over them or be knocked back.

(Molly C) #10

That is interesting because I expected obstacles when I played it. I also thought you might have been going for a side scrolling fighting game like Double Dragon. Lot of potential. :slight_smile:

(Kevin) #11

Roo Run is hereby awarded:

A Tie for 5th and 6th Place

Innagural Arduboy Game Jam: Roo Run

@crait is awarded:
:running_man: :goal_net: :koala: Running Man, Goal Net, and a Koala! (There is no Kangaroo emoji)
And a free Arduboy!

If you haven’t already to collect your reward please use the contact form to let us know your shipping information!

(Holmes) #12

Woot, woot!! <3 <3 <3