Rotating Clock - A demo showing a clock rotating around its Y-axis

As member of TEAM a.r.g. this is our third demo.

You’re free to contribute and make the demo bigger, better, showing what can be done with Arduboy


TEAMarg Demo webpage:


PS: it doesn’t show real time, because there is no RTC in Arduboy. It’s a proof of concept and we had to pick an hour, minutes and seconds to start the clock.

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Links to Team ARG’s website have been removed due to malicious new owners.


Interesting, very fluid! What about a timer? :blush:

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@mp1462 well it’s a demo for you all to test things out. Shouldn’t be to hard though.

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From now on, this demo works for both ARDUBOY and DEVKIT.

You can use the board.txt way to set you desired device (or change it in Arglib.h)
Default is ARDUBOY