Rush Car Builder

Build and test your own custom cars (or motorcycle)

<-A B → Revert/Advance screen
Arrows Modify Body shape (3rd screen)

  1. Pick a base vehicle
  2. Modify the body
  3. Get your road / wind tunnel scores

Inspired by Car Builder

RushIDE.ino.hex (57.0 KB)

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It seems like you may have swapped the A and B buttons?

Haha this is really clever so there is 3d models in there somewhere??

@bateske Yeah I built a whole STL conversion system awhile back. Still looking at textures for the models, but haven’t gotten around to that yet. Everything to create a game is publicly available. Though mostly source there is a hosted online converter tool as well.

@crait, it was my understanding that contrary to the standard Gameboy layout B A when looking at the front, the Arduboy is A B. Is that not true? There is a long forum post somewhere on that.

I thought no matter the layout, A is typically Accept, and B is Back.

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Hmm probably right. I wasn’t thinking about them as Accept / Cancel but more like global arrow keys. That is why currently they align with the physical orientation of the buttons. I am open the changing that.

It looks good, but I have absolutely no clue what’s going on.

I agree with @crait about the buttons.

(By the way, you have several warnings that could be fixed quite easily by adding some consts and either getting rid of unused variables or using static_cast<void>(<unusued variable name goes here>) to silence the compiler.)

Warnings fixed, buttons switched.
I mostly work outside of the Arduino IDE, and my compiler was not showing these warnings.

I added textures to some of the triangles. Might do more. I should have made bigger models with less polygons but hindsight… The Overland and Burningman vehicles should be a little more identifiable with windshields.


Reposting this development GIF here. The modify step may not be apparent on first play through, but if you watch the sequence you can change the shape of the car in the middle, side profile screen.


Please could you post a working .hex in your first post?
The forum software should then provide an embedded emulator, for casual users to check out your game. Thanks!

Sorry I was using the old style iframe with BareFit. It was there, but looked inconsistent with the other posts.