SanSan - Son Son, Rygar inspired action game

(Chamekan) #21

Wow! Sounds interesting! :slight_smile:
Maybe my program is not clean code, because it was developed in 2 weeks for game jam.
But I suppose the game itself is interesting. :slight_smile:

(Aung Wai Yan Hein) #22

In one of my favorite classes, we played various games from two of the game jams. Among all the games I play, this is definitely my favorite game. I enjoy hitting with a bag in 360 degree. The game is pretty engaging. Thank you very much for creating such a fantastic game.


Really smooth gameplay that felt much nicer compared to other arduboy games - the design of the characters was also very well done. I also really enjoyed the ability to control the directionality of the bag instead of it just hitting forward (which is what I first thought it did). This is easily one of my favorites.

(Chamekan) #24

Thank you for many comments.
The way of controlling the direction of the bag in 360 drgree becomes more interesting than I thought.
And I myself enjoyed it too. :slight_smile:

(Kevin) #25

What class is this? Tell me more! Arduboy in the classroom?? :open_mouth:

(Aung Wai Yan Hein) #26

Yes, Arduboy in the classroom! It’s a Device Dependent Video Game Programming course where we are learning about creating games on the Arduboy.

(Kevin) #27

SanSan is now featured prominently on the Arduboy homepage!



I cant download the files from my browser. Can someone help me with that?


Looks like the site is down…

(Scott R) #30

You can find a .hex at

(Holmes) #31

Are the links broken, still?


I asked @chame on twitter and from what I understand it’s because his servers monthly quota has been reached.

(Chamekan) #33

Please wait a day or two to recover the server.

I want to master GitHub or something.

(Chamekan) #34

There are two problems.

I don’t know about Git now. And my C/C++ source codes are too bad.


After creating an account, you can also just use the browser to upload your projects. (That what I do, I still need to master git too).

(Mehrdad Dastgir) #36

I really like the artwork, good job :+1: