SanSan's D&U [Unofficial Game Jam 4]

dandu101.hex (77.6 KB)

Ver. 1.01 Score bug fixed:
Hex File
Sorry I fixed few steps to fix score bug.
Please download again if you downloaded first version.

First Uploaded Version:
Hex File

Here’s my entry for the Unofficial Game Jam 4.


The game’s name is “SanSan’s D&U(Dangeons & Unicycles)”.
I can’t think of any good name. So I added the word “SanSan’s”.
This game is the sequel to SanSan.
It is also a homage to Mr.Do! Series for its naming.

D-Pad - Only left and right.
A and B Button - Thrust sabers left and right.

I can’t explain well, but (pseudo?) physics of an unicycle is important.

Run deeper(right) inside the dungeon, you can get more score according to its distance.

I haven’t been able to spend enough time for development, so maybe this game is still buggy.

I will upload a movie later. -> Uploaded.

As a result, I think this game may become a new Spartan X / Kung-Fu Master type game that requires more physical (with a double meaning) control.

Explanation about (pseudo) physics:

If you want move forward, you pedal backward and tilt hero’s body forward at first, then pedal forward to balance the power between peddalling and gravity.

Watching this video, I know a concept of idling unicycle for the first time.
I think the technique of idling is useful in this game, too.

Awesome … I though it was a remake of the game Dark and Under.


Nicely done! :bike: :+1: Tricky only having one life though!! :sweat_smile:

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Does it have a licence? (Apache 2.0, MIT, BSD 3-clause, etc…)

Sorry give me some time, because I don’t know about licence well.


If your English is good enough, this website is good for explaining:

Otherwise, I found this:

I recommend Apache 2.0 (日本語), MIT (日本語) or BSD 3-clause (日本語), those are the most popular licences for Arduboy games.

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