Santa's Factory - An Endless Arcade Game

This holiday, there’re too many good kids in the world. As usual, good kids will get a present from Santa in this holiday. But before that, you gotta help Santa to wrap all the presents.

In Santa’s Factory, there’s no room for one mistake. Your job is to deliver each present to the correct place. Press [Left] or [Right] to move the pipe, then press [A Button] to push the present into the box. If you create a single mistake (Misplacing the present or one present got skipped) you will break Santa’s Factory and many kids hearts since they didn’t get any present.

Source Code & HEX File : GitHub

#TODO: In game screenshot


The gif is a bit too fast, but at least you can see what the gameplay’s like:
Would be nice if the up button also pushed the presents.
Sometimes it’s totally not fair! :stuck_out_tongue:


Reminds me of Factorio.

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It would be better to put the SantaFactory.ino.leonardo.hex file in a separate folder in the GitHub repository. That way users can copy the entire SantaFactory folder and its contents into their sketchbook without the .hex file cluttering it up.

Also, you shouldn’t include the SatntaFactory.ino.with_bootloader.leonardo.hex file. It normally won’t be used and its presence leads to confusion.

It would be better not to put hex file in repository at all. You should share compiled code using GitHub release tool.

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Thanks for creating the GIF :slight_smile:. Will the up button functionality before the deadline hahaha

I knew it seems familiar, I don’t think about factorio while I was developing this game. But I knew the game :stuck_out_tongue:

I updated the repo :slight_smile:

I’ll try that after the jam. :slight_smile:

@madya121, You should also move the Images folder out of the SantaFactory folder for the same reason as moving the .hex file; it’s not required to compile the sketch.

This is awesome! :smiley:

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Santa is hard to please! I’m glad I’m not an elf :sweat_smile: