Santa's Happy Little Packer: Help santa to fill the sleigh

Here is my entry for the second Jam :mega: :mega:

Santa needs help, he has a lot of gifts in weird layout and you need to fit them in his sleigh filling all the spaces.

The rules are quite simple, fill the sleigh with the gifts. You cannot rotate nor remove them so think your strategy before placing them. A future update will add more levels (currently has 52 levels), more features and a compelling/sarcastic story.


There is no menu option to enable the music in the current version: HOLD B when booting and press UP to enable the sound.

Promotional video:

Customize the game:

You can generate your own levels using the levelparser tool:

The source for the levels is a png image. Each color pixel is a different piece of the puzzle. Check the examples in the source.


Use my Arduboy Uploader to install the game from my repo:

Hex file:


  • v0.1: First version

woooooo! :joy::joy: love the video

And the dock!! i need one


Just an F.Y.I.:
The Arduino EEPROM library includes the EEPROM.get() and EEPROM.put() functions, which can read and write just about anything.

Also, using EEPROM.update() instead of EEPROM.write() will avoid unnecessary writes to EEPROM if the value hasn’t changed.

WOW, that voice! :astonished: :open_mouth:

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More spam: Two masterpieces but you can only play with one. :joy: :joy:


Oh wow that’s a masterpiece the artist must have been real good at fine details its smaller than an Arduboy.


Love the video and photo above! The voice is also hilarious (and cruel)! And is that a pre-release Arduventure console??

I read The Tetris Effect a few months ago, it it talked about how Alexey Pajitnov’s love of tangrams helped inspire Tetris. So this is really an inspiration for that famous “falling block puzzle.”

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I’m also curious if this exact style of puzzle (with shapes made out of squares) has been created before? I’ve seen similar games with shapes that can have diagonal lines, and the game Hexcite is of a similar style but on a hexagonal grid, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen this exact style. If you have seen one like this before, then could you let me know its name?

Not really, it is a diy one: DIY Arduboy Arduventure

I am very happy that you liked the game. I am not really sure if this exist, but I guess everything already exist maybe not with small pieces as the ones I used but with more tetris-like pieces, or rotation. The idea was suggested by my gf, because tangram (she work with kids) puzzles.

Right now, I don’t feel everything is perfectly balanced in the game (i.e. level 11 is extremely hard compared to level 12) but I barely made the deadline.

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The book link give me an error, but I can google :smiley: