Savegames on external flash

Some games have the possibility to save their game status in memory, that’s very convenient so you can safely turn of your ardu and return to the game later.
But now you have the flash memory addition, and one thing I’ve noticed that when you switch games the savegame gets overwritten by the next game that uses this function.
Maybe i am suggesting something impossible, but is it possible for game makers to create a savegame in external flash (when available) instead of the arduino’s (limited) memory?
Maybe when saving a check if flash memory (external) is available and create a savegame there?

Yes, it’s 100% possible.

There are a few complications because of how flash works (saving data in pages, having to erase a whole page before it can be written to) but it’s perfectly viable to be able to save and restore EEPROM data to/from a flash chip.

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Thanks for the info.

I am not a gamebuilder, my coding skills are sufficient to write a decent script but to build a complete game…

So my suggestion was more to trigger the game builders among us to look into this.
This because flash memory getting more mainstream, and maybe even build into a next arduboy version.

That was originally the plan, but the work on it has tapered off somewhat.

Most likely due to people having other commitments, and more recently because of people having holidays.
I don’t know about elsewhere but over here it’s been half term so anyone with children would have been trying to entertain them.

There’s no rush, the future is soon enough.

Yep enjoyed my holiday break and the nice weather :slight_smile: will pick up the flash library again soon.