Sceenshot utility function -- screenshotUUencodeBMP()


Arduboy utility to take a screenshot – screenshotUUencodeBMP()

screenshot_AB_v10.ino (started June 13, 2016)

function: screenshotUUencodeBMP()

Capture screen bitmap and output uuencoded 1bit monochrome bitmap file (.bmp) to Serial output. Useful function for documenting game sketches with screenshots.

Copy & paste the serial output “begin” thru “end” lines into a file (example data.txt)

uudecode data.txt ls -l screen0.bmp
-rw-r–r-- 1 neilp 501 1086 Jun 15 00:10 screen0.bmp


sample serial console view …

resulting image after uudecode and converted to JPEG …
(displayed zoom 200% – 256 x 128)