Schuemi's Arduboy Clone

I just finished mine, but I bought the wrong display :frowning: . Somehow I thought it would be an I2C display, but it is connected via SPI, which is of course much faster.

With some optimizations I got it to run with 30 frames/sec games, 60 frames can’t be achieved without frame dropping.

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Wait, isn’t the screen supposed to be SPI and not I2C for a compatible Arduboy clone? or are you making a Arduboy clone that doesn’t need to be Arduboy compatible?

Correct me if im wrong btw

Yeah, it was my fault, this is the wrong display. You’re right, the screen must be SPI to be fully compatible with Arduboy. But it’s okay for me, I’m building this clone to test my next project (Bobble Bubble). On my real Arduboy I already broke my reset switch, the thing is really sensitive. So I wanted something more robust to try and make faults.

i am actually happy that i am correct since otherwise i would have payed way to much for a display that i probably wouldn’t use :sweat_smile:

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