Scratches on front plastic cover

Hi everyone! I ended up grabbing a new Arduboy for cheap on eBay! I just got it in the mail,and it’s pretty sweet. I was able to get Elventure on it, along with the Arduino software and a small game collection on my PC.

I did however notice that the front plastic cover scratches pretty easily; there’s a small, but noticeable scuff right where the screen is, and it’s slowly bugging the hell out of me. Has anyone here with an Arduboy come across this issue and have a solution to removing these scratches? I could always get a conventional scratch remover from online, but I don’t want to risk doing more bad than good.

Agreed, we are looking at some things to protect or replace the plastic the protects the glass screen undernearth. We really wanted to make sure the glass screen was protected, but to have a harder plastic over the screen area, but a softer plastic for the body (hey we all drop things) would also would require two part mold or another step to the production process. It’s not totally solved. It might be cool to come up with a pack of adhesive clear screen protectors to go on, like what is shipped over a lot of glass.

Either way, if a new case design is developed, it is possible to put the guts of an Arduboy in a new case.

But, we do hear you on that one, and it is something we want to improve/solve.


As @ekem mentioned we are working on some solutions that will require more engineering in the future for now we are looking at a way to offer replacements. So stay tuned!


maybe the headlight cleaning stuff at the auto parts places might work, it’s supposed to restore misty headlights back to new!

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I’ve noticed what looks like a smudge on the plastic cover of mine that you can see when the light catches it (top left of screen). Didn’t spot it at first but now it’s a tad annoying. I unscrewed the back thinking it could be a fingerprint but unfortunately I couldn’t remove the smudge. Oh well at least the device works perfectly and hopefully they’ll be a replacement screen available some point in the near future :slight_smile:


@Aikon82 Weird, because mine has the exact same thing, in the same spot even!

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To prevent scratches on the screen area of my Arduboy, I used a small screen protector I had left over from a 3 pack from Teenage Engineering… Their SP-10 (used for the Pocket Operators) fits perfectly!


Mine is in the same area but on the inside, screen protectors won’t really help in this case but that does seem like a good idea for future use. It doesn’t affect viewing anything, just noticeable when its off. Let’s face it: its just a minor inconvenience.

I also have a similar smudge on the inside. I would love to see case replacements or upgrades available.

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my baby and I were super-happy, and we remain but HATE marks!!! ruin my ARDUDAY!!!

as seen hates those marks … you can not help but see them in their beautiful and giant screen.
kevin please. Aaron wants his Aarduboy in perfect condition

i have a credit card protector… works great

but im thinking in buy some SCREEN PROTECTORS for my PO-20 ARCADE (T.E)


For now scratches will have to be like badges of honor or like battle wounds. Thanks for being so cool and understanding about that.

Polycarbonate needs a surface hardener finish applied to it to prevent scratches. This process adds thickness to the part when it is applied, and it would interfere with where the buttons fit. We would have had to change the mold for both the front case and the buttons and it was a bit late in the campaign when we discovered this.

As soon as we can, we want to switch over to some scratch resistant options and once we do, will try to offer them up to kickstarter backers in the best way possible.

Now to do something about the pesky screws… Thanks everyone, we really appreciate the feedback! Helps us build a better product!


Thanks, @bateske, for mentioning the screws again. Good to know they’re still on your mind :slight_smile: .

Maybe you could have a special part of the store that only shows up if a registered backer is signed in. It would have new front (if you choose to make one…), screws, RBG LEDs, etc. Maybe replacement batteries? Hard to think so far ahead to a time when it won’t hold a charge, but it’s bound to happen.

And for the “public” part of the store, offering screen protectors might be nice, and I like that credit card protector that @xTHETRINCHOx showed. That looks perfect! If the next version of Arduboy is the same size, I think you might want to include one of those with each :slight_smile:


That is brilliant! For something advertised as being the size of a credit cart, I can’t believe I never thought of that!

I also have this fingerprint thing on the inside.

I’I’m glad that I’m not the only one and looneng forward to some Kind of replacement.

Apart from this I love my Arduboy😃

We hear you! We track all of our quality issues and work with our factory to make sure future units wont have the same problems.

All efforts will be made to offer improvements we make to kickstarter backers but this will likely mean charging for it so we can cover our costs! If your defect is very bad and effects your enjoyment of the device please do let us know via the contact form and we will do our best to help!


Got my Arduboy this week and noticed it also had what looked like scratches or a finger print on the case. At first I thought it was caused by the packaging it shipped in, but based on everyone’s posts it sounds like it could be a defect in the plastic.

If replacement plastic covers are available, I would be interested in getting one too.

Aside from the mark, everything is working brilliantly. I think a video version of the quick start guide would be helpful.

to prevent scratches - i DON’T use the arduboy anymore :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

@dogfriend If it hurts don’t do it!

But seriously to everyone else if you have a problem with what you got from Kickstarter please do let us know. We plan to offer a kit with a new scratch resistant front and upgraded screws. We will give our Kickstarter backers a discount on these for sure.

But if you can’t wait for that to get available or the device came shipped with a scratch please do let us know how we can help you!


The problem is the plastic itself, it is really soft and can get scratches with almost anything, I have a few just for taking it into my pockets with the wallet!

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