Screen Glitch on begin()?

I’ve noticed some glitch on games that are using some startup routine that appears it is not clearing the screen buffer or something before it starts?

What it looks like what it is doing is the display is showing the ram contents for about 2 seconds.

If you quickly power cycle the arduboy, by flipping the on off switch it will still show the last thing on display. If you let it power down for a while to clear the screen display you get a little bit of snow noise on the display.

It seems like it’s on certain low memory implementations of the display? I’m seeing it on Cascade Path, and Tacklebox.

I don’t see it on any of @filmote games and I don’t see it on any games that use the scrolling “ARDUBOY” logo, it’s only on games that skip that.

Tacklebox is using arduboy.boot() instead of arduboy.begin().
(And importantly it’s not calling arduboy.safeMode() or arduboy.flashlight(), which is a concern.)

Cascade Path uses a variation of the old Arduboy library.
(Which probably predates the publishing of Arduboy2 anyway.)

I believe the thing they’re both missing out on is display().
arduboy.begin() draws the blank display directly to the screen directly after boot() and before flashlight(), which would probably account for the lack of noise.


So it’s only a spurious problem that I managed to find a bunch of edge cases for looks like ok just checking!