Screen Grabs for Vast LIB

Im looking to build a vast library of screen shots/grabs. The more shared the better. adding game name will help with labeling.

Thanks all for your help with this.

Can you elaborate a little on what you mean by this?

Sure @crait ,
im trying to make the next Arduboy Magazie cover and i need about 30 more screen shots.

Option one is the best

  1. these are good

  1. These are hard to work with but I can manage

So the first option is preferred. but the more the better.

TY all

circuit dude

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There are quite a few on the Arduboy Manager site:

Not only those, but you can see the pics on the front page, but you can change the URL to find more.

Example: can be changed to or

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By chance do you have or is there a walk through on how to capture a screenshot from the Arduboy? that might help with people making and submitting games as well to the main forum.

Yeah, there actually is. I figured you may have already seen it, otherwise, I would have posted, earlier!


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keep in mind that screen shot was as far as i got in one sitting, ahem, pretty darn impressive id say, definitly magazine worthy