Screen not working on homemade Arduboy [Fixed]

My son and I are in the process of trying to build a homemade Arduboy. We are stuck on the first step of getting the simple HelloWorld example working. Our screen remains black. I’ll do my best below to provide all the relevant information…

Our Hardware Setup

We’re using an Arduino Micro connected to a .96" SPI OLED screen (SSD1306 chipset). For now, we only have the screen wired to the microcontroller. I am using the SPI wiring provided in the readme for Mr Blinky’s homemade Arduboy package (e.g., wire the MOSI and SCK to the appropriate dedicated pins; CS–>D6, DC–>D4, RST–>D7).

To confirm the screen is functional/wired correctly, I took the graphics test code from the following website and updated the constants for the CS, DC, and RST pins in the code to match the above Arduboy wiring (Interfacing 0.96 Inch SPI OLED Display Module with Arduino - Electropeak).

This graphics test code, running with the Arduboy SPI pin wiring, operated the screen fine.

IDE/Software Setup

Our next step was to install Mr. Blinky’s Homemade Arduboy package. Here is a screenshot of the settings I used for the Homemade Arduboy Board:

We were then ready to run the simple Hello World example that came with the Arduboy library, and nothing happened on the screen.

I’m assuming/hoping we just left out a simple step in configuring our setup to run Arduboy code, but i was unable to find many leads through my own searching.

Hopefully this issue looks familiar to someone and has a quick fix…

Hi! Welcome to the Arduboy community.

Here’s the wiring for a Arduino Micro

arduino pin numbers and port bits are not the same. The wiring should be:

CS → digital pin 12
DC → digital pin 4
RST → digital pin 6

If there is no pin 12 on your Arduino then you have a Pro Micro instead of an Arduino Micro. In that case you can connect CS to GND


Aha! Correcting my wiring as suggested solved the problem.

(It’s funny how the brain works: I referenced that exact same diagram when setting up initial wiring, and although my eyes could clearly see the pins in the diagram, my hand still wrote down the port numbers instead in my notes.)

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