Sea Battle

Sea_Battle.ino.hex (62.2 KB)

Source Code Here:


Based on the game BattleShips. This game has a simple AI and music, but is smart enough to be challenging.

I will still be adding to this later based on any feedback.

Ver. 2

  • Removed the press a after a hit
  • Render the bored after the final hit right before the win/lose screen

Ver. 3

  • Fixed Enemy AI issues

Salvo Mode: I need to make some assets for this along with an AI that can accommodate.

In addition I am working to make this a two player game with two Arduboys with a serial connection to a single computer.


How good is this? I think it’s great :grinning:

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Yeah really nice and fun to play. Great job! :smiley:

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I liked it a lot. The menu has some great themeing work.

As for feedback, I’d add some sort of display about “press A to continue” as I found myself waiting a few seconds for the enemy to go after my miss – that or an auto advance after a few seconds. It would also be nice to see the final hit animation when you win before advancing to the win screen.

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Great Suggestion, I will have a updated version soon.

I agree with @unwiredben - there is not enough animation. I would like to see her on hit and destruction. Anyway, the game is great!:wink:


Nice improvements! My new issue is with the AI strength. I had to try very hard to actually lose a game. Here’s an image of it late in the game when I was just waiting and waiting for it to try that one last square to win.


It then started doing a normal search pattern, not recognizing that it had missed a spot.

I think it could also be neat to add some game variations: a basic mode where you don’t get an extra shot on a hit and a salvo mode where you start out with three shots, all resolved after the third shot, but losing a ship drops you to two then one shot.

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