Second tracking number email

I received another email today, exactly the same as the first one with a tracking number.

I use the tracking number, but it doesn’t show any details. This is all explained in the email and is not surprising.

Just wondering if any one else has had second tracking number emails?

I am hoping it means my Arduboy is even closer to getting into my hands.

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I got a new email today as well. Like you say, it’s all exactly the same.

My tracking info says it has arrived at the processing center in my country so hopefully I will be getting it soon! :smiley:

EDIT: I know they had trouble with some not being sent out so perhaps they’ve just sent them all again?

A bulk email was sent out to all Kickstarter users because we might have missed some users in the first emails that were sent out. If you received your benefit already, disregard the tracking number :smiley:


Yep, another one here as well. When I clicked tracking it listed my Arduboys (set of two) are doing well, but kinda cramped on the slow boat from Asia.

Cannot wait to get these lil guys.

Ayeeee, Arduboys do prefer air travel. A lot more leg room. But you know, point A to point B I guess.