Sega Game Fantasy Zone Arduboy

(Ken Cheung) #1

(Simon) #2

Wow … that is looking really good


Which company are you working with again?
I just obtained a gameboy from my friend. It comes with a color(TFT? Or LCD?) screen and 156 games mostly made by SEGA.
Not a huge fan of them but their graphics looks great.

(Jean Charles Lebeau) #4

Really beautiful. I like alot your gfx as always. :slight_smile:
Actions seems fluent. Well done

(Ken Cheung) #5

I have not worked with the company. This is what I made for my interest.

(Ken Cheung) #6

Thank you very much… i will finish this



I saw your news article. I am also in Hong Kong. I focused on DIY my own version of Arduboy.
I hope I can play the games you created too.
Many thanks.

(Ken Cheung) #8

ok, can pm me ? use Line ? or whatsapp ? wechat ?