SEGA Homebrew

(Erwin) #21

… if they work xDD


How do I put the hex text into a file?

(Pharap) #23

Right click then either ‘Save as’ or ‘Save page as’ (depending on your browser), and save it as something with a hex extension (make sure it doesn’t have a .txt extension).


Amazing, I really want to dig into the code myself, but find out I do not understand anything. I guess sometimes things an be made a bit more simpler…
I will probably upload another snake game in the future…

(Felipe Manga) #25

Yes, it was not an exercise in simplicity. An emulator is probably the exact opposite: the most complex way of getting a snake game on an Arduboy. :laughing:


I was thinking:
WHY DOES THIS GAME HAVE MORE THAN 1,500 lines of code?!?!
Even my brickbreaker game have no extra files and is 800 lines

(Felipe Manga) #27

Simply because you’re not looking at the code of the game. You’re looking at the code of an emulator that runs games meant for another, completely different, system. The game itself is handwritten in assembly.


Well you are talking to a guy who just looked at and understood ONE single program-brickbreaker.
Yep, this is how new I am in C++, but I added 5 features and fixed bugs and improved “game physics”.
Call me n00b, I am making a snake game after the extensive bug testing and resource finding.