Sega60 sdi (Update) fixed

Update Capture SDI game graphic…

2020_01_06_Sega60-SDI.ino.leonardo.hex (74.6 KB)

image image image


Is the hex without bootloader available for this game?

yes, i have … you want ?

How can you tell it’s the version with the bootloader?

If it is the version with the bootloader I think we might have to remove it because I vaguely remember something about those either not uploading properly or causing problems for the Arduboy.

You can look at the .hex file (it’s ASCII text). If there’s a block at the end (or somewhere within it) for addresses starting at 0x7000 then the bootloader is included.

You can actually edit the file to remove this block of addresses, to make it a file without the bootloader.2020_01_06_Sega60-SDI.ino.leonardo.hex (74.6 KB)


I can tell because when i download the hex it says with bootloader lol. I didn’t really think anything of it till i tried adding it to my flash cart image, it caused an error and wouldn’t load.

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Worked great, thanks :slight_smile:

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That’ll teach me to only rely on the URL.

(The forum mangles the filename of uploaded files for the sake of making sure they’re assigned a unique URL, but the original filename is retained and restored for download.)

I think I’ll edit this into the main post as a precaution.