Self Bootloading Mod-Chip

I added my icon. Thank you! :smile:

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Oh nuts sorry @crait I’d already pulled the image before then! I’ll make it ont eh next one.

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Who is the bug in the corner that got left off, I should put him back


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I PM-ed a copy before. But here’s one more:


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If there’s still time to shuffle things a bit,
is it alright if me and @pmwasson (the guy above my skull) swap places?
Having an orange line through just one eye looks a bit odd.

I stuck @Mr.Blinky on while I was at it.

And in case the cubic lerping is going to interfere with anything,
here’s a nearest neighbour version:

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Posted a list of all the games here: I’ll update the list occasionally as I go. For now the github repo is private but after we do a few revisions then we will open it up for pull requests before locking it down for production. Dates for such things will also be posted soon!


I tuned the image of Sansan because it was wonky a little.
(This is based on @Pharap 's nearest neighbour version.)

BTW, what is the square which is right of OBONO. Is it a reserved area for something?
It seems to be added by @GnobarEl.

I’m fine if its need to reduce my logo. It can be moved or reduced, I’m ok with either.

He just wanted a square for some reason.

If it’s not too late I’d love to throw my little icon on it while there’s still a bit of space. You don’t have to keep it since I’m no one significant, but I do love my Arduboy!



No MrBlinky, no fx :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Lots of waiting and now you can pre-order:


Nice! My only concern is why the shipping costs is 15$ to EU country (give the fact that the item is pretty small and light).

Ask USPS, actually when you order more than 2 things it costs more than is charged.

Try to ship me something and let me know how much it costs :slight_smile:

OH! You mean the mod-chip itself, yes actually I never really thought about I could probably ship it in a stiff envelope safely. Unfortunately the website is configured for flat rate shipping, and that’s how much it costs to ship an Arduboy. The only thing I can tell you right now is to try to get together with your friends and order together. I’ll see if there is some way I can put discounted shipping if you only order the mod-chip.

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I ordered 3 FX mod-chips, so the $15 s&h didn’t sting quite as much. Well I guess the total amount still did.

Why yes, I do own 3 Arduboys. I’m pretty sure that isn’t at all strange to anyone here though.
I’m not sure if I will mod all of them though. I think I may want to leave the Arduventure one pristine.

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Just to clarify, HW only (not Pre-loaded) means we can flash over USB… we don’t need a programmer… right?

I believe the custom bootloader can write to the chip,
but I don’t know if you need a programmer to overwrite the bootloader or not.

@Mr.Blinky is probably the best one to ask there.
(Though @tuxinator2009 might know too since he’s been doing some FX stuff.)

I do know it’s possible to use another Arduino board as a programmer.
(I wonder if it’s possible to use an Arduboy as a programmer…)

… also… when doing Dev work, if I want to just flash a single game to the 32u4… is that still possible (like a vanilla unit)… or do I need to always write to the SPI flash? :thinking:


Correct. The bootloader has some extra commands that allow reading and writing to the flash chip. In addition to that It also supports direct writing to the display (to test graphics), reading buttons and changing LEDs

The Flex PCB mod-chip contains an Attiny MCU that will update Arduboys bootloader (and Arduboy updates the Attiny) Updating mod-chip firmware /Arduboy bootloader is done by the Activator utility /sketch.

If you break the GPIO pins out you could.

Yes it is. you can upload a game as normal.


Are these documented somewhere?

If I ever get back to working on my Arduboy uploader it would probably be worth having FX support.

That’s quite neat. In fact that actually makes me more tempted to buy one (if I can get access to a soldering iron).

I’m presuming that just means opening the case and hooking up some wires.
I’m not in a hurry to attempt it though.