Self Bootloading Mod-Chip

You can add a W25Q128 to your home made following the @mr.blinky flash mod tutorials to get the same effect!

Assuming you have a way to burn the new bootloader into the ATmega32U4.

Cool. You guys should have held off on the newsletter announcement. I would have bought one today but it’s a preorder.

@Mr.Blinky, You may wish to consider maintaining a separate version of the bootloader and utility that uses the EEPROM flag at address 0, instead of hardcoding the setting in the bootloader.

This would be for homemade units that only have a flash chip added but not the ATtiny bootloader burner. It would save from having to manually reburn the bootloader to change the setting (though the hardcoded bootloader could still be used by anyone wishing to).

Cheers dude! I’m certainly passionate about it!! I’ve spent many hours I could have been with my family (or working) compiling the details in the spreadsheet (as I’m sure @Mr.Blinky has)… was really hoping once the info was gathered, it would be used to better distribute EEPROM usage. I also hoped it would be used for decision making on the GoldCart… kinda sad… but still hopeful it will be used long term :disappointed_relieved:

I will add to the new thread on this directly.

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Is there like a proper electronic schematic for this mod-chip, because I can’t find one?

The wiring for the flash cart can be found in thr flash cart thread The wiring for the Attiny is included in the mod-chip source

But if you’re building and flashing yourself you won’t need the Attiny in the circuit, just any other micro controller that can re-flash the bootloader.

Adding an Attiny to a Homemade Arduboy can still be interesting. you don’t need to purchase another Arduino if you don’t have another one and you don’t need to open up your Homemade when there’s a bootloader update.

Yeah but you’ll have to purchase an attiny :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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As @bateske said USB works as normal. The Menu is the bootloader and you can upload as usual. Because the menu doesn’t time out , you don’t have to worry about timed uploads.

Fun Fact:

While in the menu (bootloader) you can open Arduino IDE monitor and play with the RGB LED by typing lowecase x followed by another character.

You stuck some serial commands in there? lol

I implemented the AVR109 command ‘Set LED’ :slight_smile:
If you know your ANSI you can enjoy playing with the LEDs (and button control)

LED_CTRL_NOBUTTONS  7 : Set: menu buttons are disabled 
LED_CTRL_RXTX       5 : Set: Rx and Tx LEDs don't blink on transfer
LED_CTRL_RX_ON      4 : Set: LED is on
LED_CTRL_TX_ON      3 : Set: LED is on
LED_CTRL_RGB_G_ON   2 : Set: LED is on
LED_CTRL_RGB_R_ON   1 : Set: LED is on
LED_CTRL_RGB_B_ON   0 : Set: LED is on

The FX Activator / flash-writer script makes use of this command to make the RGB LED flash

What other secrets have you hidden inside :thinking:

  • You can also write an image directly to Arduboys display
  • You can read out Arduboys buttons

With that you could use Arduboy as a terminal with the right script :slight_smile:


Arduboy brainless mode.

So @Mr.Blinky brought it to my attention that the mod chip doesn’t even need a PC if you get the one with the games loaded already on it.

If you have the pre-loaded mod chip, you can hold the reset button for 2 seconds to flash the bootloader.

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Um… so will the Attiny chip on the FX flex circuit be programmed only for the ‘with Games’ option ?
I don’t want the games (happy to upload my own games.bin via USB), but I don’t have a programmer to flash the boot loader. I assumed the Attiny would be ready to upload the boot loader…?

EDIT: Sorry for the abundance of caution! I did already ask @Mr.Blinky :

So it seems ‘Yes’, the Attiny will be pre-programmed for all options… still worried I missed something :-/

No you don’t need a programmer. Even with blank chips. That’s where the FX activator sketch is for. It willl update the (blank) attiny with the latest firmware and after that it will update Arduboys bootloader.

With flexboard installed and the activator sketch downloaded it doesn’t even take 10 seconds to update the firmware and bootloader.