Self Bootloading Mod-Chip

Does anyone have solder paste and reflow tool? I’ll send you the flex circuit and chips to make it. I didn’t bring my hot air tool with me.

You have taken the words ‘Press Play On Tape’ off.

The graffiti battle intensifies.


Yes to both but not sure if serious?

Yes serious, I mean I could buy the air tool or have it shipped or go home and do it there but I think that if someone could whip up a few of them it might be easier, or more energy efficient? It’s just only 2 chips.

I might do it on a hot plate.

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Yes, I removed the words from all designs because I was under the impression that words tend to get blurred beyond all recognition:

Limiting designs to basic shapes should make it less likely to corrupt the image.

If anyone can provide answers to my questions about the characteristics of the printing distortions I may be able to find alternatives, but I did the best I could with limited information.

Seems to be plenty of space. Can we just make them bigger?



Took out the bug and changed it out for my h̶o̶r̶r̶i̶f̶i̶c̶ profile picture. Hopefully it isn’t too small.

So as we have place, i retry with letters



Hmm maybe I should use this 1-bit version of my avatar picture in my Arduboy games :thinking:

How about like this?
Re added ppot original font…

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At this rate it’ll only be able to fit another 3 or 4.

That’s ok u snooze u loose

This challenge will be a success then the 3 or 4 last spots will be filled i think :wink:

Ha, ha! I see that pesky bug is still there in the left.

Maybe with some of the remaining space their can be a tribute made to team ARG, since they were a very big contributor to the Arduboy.


Here’s a monochrome, pixelated version of their logo. Hopefully someone could juggle the various logos to get everything to fit legibly.


J’ai essayé mais je pense que ce logo est trop complexe pour cette résolution. Ca pourrait donner un truc comme ça