Self Bootloading Mod-Chip

I ran into the same problem. I tried removing the bubbles in the logo for more leeway, but it was still too big. I added Flinn in placement of the logo, but I feel that it would be better to somehow get the Team A.R.G. logo in there to better represent them.


Also if anyone’s wondering, I don’t speak french. I used Google translate. :-p

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Throwing my ̶h̶a̶t skull into the ring.


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That black square at the top is just a black square … I think I did it. Sorry.

I’ve got a bone to pick with you!
Skull jokes are my job! :P


hahah it looks horrible! :rofl: :rofl: thankfully it will be burried inside

I have no idea if it’s good or not but i have modified ARG Logo to try to make it more readable on the picture… Do you think it’s better or not ?



It’s certainly an improvement! :slight_smile:

I made a few changes to it. This is as simple as I was able to get thus far without making it too bland.
Of course, feel free to make any edits of your own. :slight_smile:

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Another ping for anyone to assemble a few of these?

Also I’m going to call an end to the graffiti challenge we have run out of space. And u horrible people left out that bug thing all on it’s own. :frowning:
I’m probably gonna remove the press play on tape words and probably the arduboy drawing too. Sorry.

See? I’m also a monster.

But, seriously, if anyone want me to send them an FPC and 2 chips to glue on?


You know what, heck it, its yoloswag time:

Gonna be here in 9 days says amazon. Probably should like, order the FPC now. :rofl:


Worst case, can you keep the the first letters? PPOT ? Should give up a nice chunk of space if you really need it.

You might want to reconsider using P pot but then again …

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Your logo is already pretty big. Nobody else is using words. No probably not.

Brutal justice.

Maybe you should do a trial print on paper and see which logo’s are acceptable. It wouldn’t surprise me that several ones end up as unreqonizable blobs

I could try to handsolder one.

BTW don’t forget the decoupling cap(s)

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Either take it off completely or leave it as is :astonished: It may be too big but it is in line with our contribution to this community, to this forum, to the (defunct) magazine, to the lessons on this site, etc. It also represents two people hence can be twice as large.

I am not sure what you are planning to add that requires space but you are welcome to scale it down slightly or remove my Space Invader logo. I personally are not fussed that Team ARG’s logo is smaller as I recall they have already been immortalized on the PCB itself (I cannot find the image so maybe wrong) and are not active anymore.

Finally, I mentioned it a few posts ago but the white square at the top looks to be an artifact that I left on the image by mistake.


Actually I think that’s @GnobarEl’s contribution.

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Hand soldering would be nightmare, not worth it.

I am forgetting decoupling caps, it should be fine. :smiley:

You know I know that. Take a moment to realize this is a classic give them an inch they will take a mile situation. I could have just not put anything on the back. Don’t get sassy, we love you.

I tried putting it out of its misery, but it didn’t want to die. Maybe the bug deserves all the space for all the torment it endured. :laughing:

Sassy :laughing: that’s a word my grandmother used when she was alive. Anyhow you are the second person to want to cut our new logo in half. It’s a logo - not a jig saw.

Well it’s easier to add them to the design and just not mount them when not needed.

We were just helping you debug the hardware :stuck_out_tongue:

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If I do anything with it besides hide it under a small batch flex pcb run I’ll include the words, promise.

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