Self made FX Mod-Chip (ProMicro supported)

Anyone who want to make their own FX Mod-Chip can try this. I’m now using this circuit and I’m sure that it works well. If your arduboy is using arduino ProMicro which doesn’t contain an OLED_CS, the inverter is necessary. At anytime make sure that your arduboy’s power supply won’t be connected to source higher than 4.6V which may DAMAGE your flash chip.

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That’s the best company name ever

I think you are all sleeping now. :laughing: Stay up late?

It’s only 11, I’m working on the test program. Bedtime soon

What program did you draw that in?

It’s daytime now. I draw the schematic to act as the FX Mod-Chip on my home made arduboy. I tried to connect PD6 with OLED_CS. It’s not easy especially when the package of ATmega32U4 is QFN-44. So I use the FX_CS and a one-channel inverter as the OLED_CS.

Looks like EasyEDA.

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立创EDA (……EasyEDA is its international edition. I thought you are asking me what program I have draw before. :sweat_smile:

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