"Semi-Official" Game List for the Arduboy

Arduboy Game List

This is a working copy of a list of games for the Arduboy. It is a public wiki. If you are a member of the community or are a regular, you are able to edit the main topic. Please help keep this topic up to date and make an edit if you feel it is appropriate.



It’s not really relevant whether they show a low memory warning or not. Games that push the RAM are going to do that - it’s not necessarily a bad thing (as it’s just a warning).

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Thanks for using the wiki feature @Dreamer3 you are the best! :100:

I really have no idea how I did svg, It’s possible. I just added it. It’s an odd one.

This thread is also a wiki and feel free to use it to add assets to.


Uh, you just broke them all. DAMN. What was the problem with them as they were?

They were dead links when I looked at the page.

Ok scrolling through the edits… looks like it was a system edit, probably converting your links? Make sure with svg you upload them to the server first? Did you post the links or upload. Like I said svg acts odd.

It’s a web service. They are supposed to STAY links. I don’t want them screwed with.

Uh, discource are you going to screw with this:

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svg linking is odd, I’m not going to look through the source to figure out why ; ) I know you get the text component when you open one of the links to an svg in a browser. It might have to do with how the aws-sdk handles the file, encodes it, and then how discourse decides to link back to it? Might be worth searching the issues for some fix.


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So how do we edit, add, delete those status flags?


You can click the edit button in the upper right MLXXXp or the pencel/edit in the menu below the thread. The shields can be generated here: http://shields.io/. When you go to upload an svg, download the file you want to disk and then upload it. Don’t upload via pasting a link, it seems to have issues encoding the file correctly when you do.

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I think this topic should be pinned to the top.

Yeah, I just don’t know how to do that (or if I can).

I think we need to note in the list that Tiny 2048 and Tiny Depth cannot be loaded from the Arduino IDE. I don’t know how we want to approach this, so I didn’t update the list myself.

  • Atomic Puzzle Pack
  • Battle for Zuthsrah
  • Mazogs
  • TeenyTank (MicroTanks)

all ok. i edited dev unknown.
windows IDE 1.6.7 + Arduboy Library(2016/02/24 downloaded) + dev kit.

…my game only NG. lol.

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Maybe there is a font awesome icon that be attached to it, or use an asterisk.

To keep the list organized you should make it alphabetical and add filters like “Action Games” or “Puzzle Games”, just think it could improve the list. :wink:

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Yeah, this post was a stop gap solution until we figure out how to best automate and supply the list. Eventually a stub page for games will be found on the www.arduboy.com domain, as well as the community section.

Discourse has a great API that can be used to pull a nice game list from the community’s game section.

As @ekem says this is only for now until we figure out a better way of doing this. We will likley still keep this thread open for users to edit on their own, but we will be running a currated “Arduboy Arcade” from the main page for games that meet some basic guidelines.

These guidelines haven’t been solidified but here is a quick example of what we are thinking:

  • Title Screen
  • Gameplay that has some kind of point system, end scenario, or otherwise functional game mechanics
  • Game Over Screen (where applicable)
  • Sound of some kind (this is tenative, a silent game that is otherwise awesome may be accepted but we want to encourage sound use)
  • Source Code is available

For games in the arcade we will also try to police use of the EEPROM memory as much as makes sense. Meaning, we will try to make sure save game data from one game doesn’t wipe out another.


Which should continue to be discussed further here.