"Semi-Official" Game List for the Arduboy

I have been looking around the forums for games and apps to add to my repo. Here’s a list of the ones I’ve found so far.

akkera102 - Tiny Depth*
akkera102 - Tiny 2048*
akkera102 - Tiny Asteroids*
akkera102 - Tiny NS-Tower*
akkera102 - Tiny Sokoban*
akkera102 - TOYOSHIKI Tiny Basic*
Alberto - CrazyKart
arduboyfr - ArduSnake
Atomic - Atomic Puzzle Pack
bateske - Cascade Path: Wagon Train
bateske - Squario: The Ultimate Adventure
blockbird - Wire Screensaver
Botisaurus - Battleships
Brian - Crates 3D
Brian - Mazogs
ccaroon - Sketch-A-Sketch
Dragula96 - Box Stacker
Dragula96 - Chicken Cross
Dragula96 - Snakeling
fanboat - Fanboat
flaki - Chrome Dino
Frrout - Ardusweeper
fuopy - Glove
fuopy - Gamepad
Gaveno - RoboDodge
gnargle - Stellar Impact*
gooberdlx - Arduslide
giangregorioc - Humanity Revenge
Hugus - SnakeArduboy
Jezzamon - TeenyTank
Jezzamon - MicroCheckers
kernel - ArduSketch
KurayamiSenpai - Bounce
MLXXXp - Arduboy gets a Life
MLXXXp - Flappy Ball
Mre64 - Battle for Zuthsrah
neilsunw - Sudoku-NBP
olikraus - Little Rook Chess
pixelplatforms - SkateArdDie!
PolygonAndPixel - Space Fighter
Roo - Flappy Halloween
scootmatt - Braindu-Train
Seth - Ardu-man
shdwwzrd - Rayne the Rogue
streetalchemist - Space Knife
Team ARG - Begemmed
Team ARG - Blob Attack
Team ARG - Dice of Fate
Team ARG - Epic Crates of Mass Destruction
Team ARG - Shadow Runner
Team ARG - Trolly Fish
Team ARG - Reverse Mermaid Hockey
Team ARG - Virus LQP-79
veritazz - Fatsche
w3woody - Blocks
Wenceslao_Villanueva - Pang
Wenceslao_Villanueva - Star Honor
Yomogimaru - i4arduboy
Yoshi - NumberMind

Number of applications/games: 60

  • Games marked with a star (*) are available to download using my Arduboy Manager

Hi there,
I recently developped a Snake for Arduboy.
Its a simple version that could easily be extended.
It has been tested with Arduboy 1.0.
Here is the repo :

A popular game indeed! We now have this new one plus:


Yes it is popular :slight_smile:
I did not manage to install the Snakeling version (I might not have tried very hard ;)) so I implemented another one.
SnakeArduBoy has the advantage to adopt a model-view-controller design that makes it easy to tweak, its a developper oriented version !

Did you see my recent post in the Snakeling topic?

Nope I missed it ! Thanks for the info.

Hey all! This is my first post but wanted to say that I just finished Version 1.0 at least of my game Space Knife. I wasn’t sure if it was proper to add it to the list above or if people should review it first. It’s simple right now and has a long way to go, but so far I’ve been absolutely loving the Arduboy system and developing for it!

Yep! Feel free to add you game to the list. It’s a community wiki. I’ll also double check that you will have the privileges to actually do the edit. Thanks for adding! (Don’t mind the mess).

Thanks so much! Got it added :slight_smile:

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New games? Please let us know!

When will ardumon be released? Honestly that was my selling point on the device.

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From what I gather it only exists as an unreleased tech demo, they stopped development after arduventure came out.

This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.

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How to get my game on this list?

Here is the reference: http://community.arduboy.com/t/arduindy-inspired-by-zx-spectrum-game-sabre-wulf-updated-to-1-00/2640/4

Kevin: It would be great to have an Official list of games, for Arduboy-owners and also for promotional usage... Here we could have some review rankings, eg. the users can vote 1-5 stars on the games and give som comments.

Cheers Jacoste

The list is a wiki. You should be able to edit it yourself.

Maybe it´s just me… but I don´t have an edit icon as on my own posts.

Hmm, I don’t see the edit icon either. @bateske can you look into this?

I think its because when we moved servers the wiki feature was a plugin, I’ll look at getting it back.

There is probably going to be a new “Official” game list soon… :wink:

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Why is this list under the ‘Arduboy’ category and not under ‘Games’ ?