Send and receive arbitrary data via USB

Is it possible to use HID to send data to the Arduboy? I would like to send a couple of bytes of information from the host computer to the Arduboy during runtime. Would that be possible with the HID?

Technically it’s possible. For instance, a USB keyboard can receive the caps-lock, num-lock and scroll-lock status. You would need Arduino code to do it, though.

The following project may be worth looking at. It appears that the RawHID capabilities could send and receive just about anything.

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Thanks. I don’t necessarily need HID. Perhaps I can simply do it with or Serial.readBytes(). Here is what I would like to do. I would like to attach the Arduboy via USB cable to a host computer. On the host computer runs a little program that can communicate bidirectionally with the Arduboy application. The amount of data exchanged is a few hundred bytes. Speed is not a concern.

Yes, it may be easier to use USB Serial, on both the Arduboy and host sides, for both sending and receiving.