Serial Script Package Delivery

Generate a file-type to deliver serial script ‘packages’ for providing a function over serial using the the usb port? Like a simple dumb terminal

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: is that something you are working on?

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soon as i get my backorder i’ll try ardutosh, i have a industrial solution if you want to see it from lantronix called xport pro same problems with it, is there a emulator that comes with the ide?

which ide

arduino ide? i guess

a long time ago you could check the library’s catalog for books using a dumb terminal

you are just writting your memoirs in the forum :sweat_smile:

yeah turn the xport pro into a soft modem, dial up bbs vis telnet, or like gopher surfing w3m browser

my best guess is with audio transformer to the phone jack to the serial rx/tx of the device

it was that way around with the soundcard it just has to modulate and demodulate the signal apparently

except there were no java calls to control the modem

Two days in, and I still have no idea what this thread is actually about…


well like a driver for a specific serial device. in this instance a panavision camera shutter. it set a package that describes the serial commands to issue to change the shutter speed.

so like plus or minus the dsp from the soundcard between the transformer and, serial bus?

maybe some digital pbx line accepts serial bus pulse dialing then direct connection…