Shared EEPROM storage management across multiple apps


Me? My technique didn’t involve unique ID’s.

However If i were to maintain them, I would use this message board, and just create a new section called ‘save ID’. Each topic would be ‘request for ID 1’ and then whoever is in charge either approves or denies it. People who want an ID just pick the next number available and submit a request, and there could be a sticky up the top for any out of sequence numbers available for requesting.

(Mike) #102

I don’t think we even need a centrally manged list of game IDs now that we have game manager/installer apps. Just let each of those mange there own list of IDs. All the games need to do is reserve a bit of extra space at the start for the manager to store a game ID.

When the manager installs a game, it needs to save the old image including the ID, possibly with an option to disable that. It should then check to see if it has a saved eeprom for the game being installed, and if so install that. If not, it needs to get a new ID and set it in the eeprom. This may require running a small app before the main one, but it’s certainly possible.

Working properly with multiple apps/platforms requires that they agree on a format for the saved eeprom image/ID pairs and cloud storage, but getting that seems easier than getting all game developers on board for an ID list.

It won’t work for games in development, but that doesn’t seem like a problem.

(curly) #103

are people sticking to this? i havent realy messed with eeprom yet, but ive noticed when i chage games alot my save files get screwy, (ill soon be making a list of wich games are affecting wich

(spinal) #104

IT think that’s mainly because saves are not backed up by anything (yet?) or restored. Whenever you change a game, you risk destroying your save.

(curly) #105

so in otherwords, if i do add eeprom to my games, and it messes up someones save, thats on them and not me?

(spinal) #106

I guess so.

I don’t know if eeprom backup is a feature of any of the game loaders, but it should be. The only thing out of all of the above ideas, that really should be suggested is that the game uniquely identifies itself, either by some sort of code, or just a plain filename, so that any backup method would know what to name the save file, and that to load.

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Arduboy Manager does! So long as you use the Arduboy Assistant along with it! :smiley:

(curly) #108

indeed it does, however i cant get the arduboy manager to work with anything besides the screen mirror :stuck_out_tongue: