Shipping Cost Digress

Why shipping is 15 USD :scream: the 9 USD thingy should fit in a business card micro envelope that weights 1 gram

@bateske could you make an agreement with some chinese factory to directly ship them? :face_with_monocle:


Don’t I get a Skyrim-Todd-Howard award for having two variants with the Turbo rerelease? :laughing:

I think the 3-4 months shipping time would be a big customer-support/satisfaction issue with that “free shipping” option. (I’m personally okay with it, but not everyone would be patient.)

The website uses flat rate shipping, I don’t have an easy way (without recompiling the matrix) to change it, so in the meantime try to bulk orders with friends or buy some micro arcades. Or if you want to buy a lot and become a distributor in your area let me know. Even just sending a letter to Norway costs $7 from here so the savings would not even be that much. You can consider the extra $5 to be a tip, or you can also build it yourself too, it’s open source.

Let me check with Pimoroni see if they would be interested in stocking these once they are available.

These will be manufactured in the USA using OSHpark and an PCBA service I’ve not yet made final selection on.

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Yes! I´ll order from them, tell them :stuck_out_tongue:

:confused: im the only with a genuine arduboy that I know IRL

the “Apple” of pcbs xD

Just a quick question: what happens with the USB functionality after installing this? evertything works as before? because if yes, I could order more than one and then the post fee is not that moronic

It would actually be really good if everyone who would want to order it from Pimoroni go ahead and email them too, it will make them think there is a demand for it.

Erwin, step up your sales skills. I want you out there, moving product! Do I need to start an affiliate program? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And yes, programming via USB works just like normal! In fact it works even better since you’ve got a much better chance of hitting the bootloader as it runs when you are starting the device.

I should probably make that more obvious, thanks for pointing it out!

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When I try to sell it, they google it and find out my collection and they think I’m having side intentions with the sell :pleading_face:

Do you?!? :thinking:

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Do we have any forum users in Sheffield?
We could get them to infiltrate Pimoroni’s ranks and strongly hint about stocking the FX.

Then why is the normal arduboy on backorder? I almost convinced someone to order with me :stuck_out_tongue: and I saw multiple units of EVERYTHING in shelves (in a tweet)

I haven’t updated the website inventory levels yet. I got the units in yesterday, did the shipping, and didn’t get time to update the site.

But yeah they are in stock and I’m doing daily shipping of everything that isn’t a pre-order. Things are kind of “back to normal” ish. I’m still about 100 emails behind on customer service though…

I think that’s an reasonable price. If I would need to send something to the US the postage cost $13 already. So $2 for packaging and Handling is a fair price.

You should buy one for each of your Arduboys and save on shipping that way :wink:

You could always order 10+ and become a local distributor. :P

I’m tempted although I’d rather see how things go with Pimoroni

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I would say it would be nice to see them become an EU reseller. But you guys left. :stuck_out_tongue:

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There is just something about a 9 USD item and 15 USD shipping that makes me unwell.

Yes, I am tempted. But… if I convince someone to order an arduboy with me, then is jackpot!

The normal arduboy is in backorder for ages over here (Netherlands, SOS solutions) they even have an automated script to push the estimated delivery forward every day…

So it would be nice to have a European reseller who can deliver and to avoid having unreasonable high (imho) tax added.

Pimoroni is that :smiley: oh… but no EU

Alas, Pimroni is British so if there where any ties with Europe these where cut on the 1st of February 2020…
They sell worldwide true, but i have no idea how custom’s and tax work at this moment :thinking: