Shipping Cost Digress

It is from few years ago tho… This year there was no hackathon because covid

Ya I got that 2017 part. That speaker is LOUD by the way.

Coin cell cannot power it.

To continue offtopicying this:
Google Photos
you see how accurate is the 1 bit logo conversion :sunglasses:

And yes… But that speaker lacks bass

Put something over the back and then clearcoat it eh?

Also I have an idea for the next game jam.

Link to the pcb file? Shared on Oshpark?

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Forgive me my ignorance, but I don’t “get” epic sax guy.
But then again i also never understood being Rickrolled.
Maybe this is being Saxrolled then?

At least got that right, maybe not my kinda humor, wink wink nudge nudge do you know what i mean.
Looks more like a dead parrot to me.

At least do me one favour, don’t ship the new FX with sax.

Didnt you see that new FX hack that replaces all-games music tunes by epic sax guy one? It is awesome.

Not even that many games have music what?

That really sax…

Biri Biri Beat II Sax Guy edition.

Play the game and learn the Sax Guy’s moves.

When the postman is humming the Sax Tune we know Arduboy is coming :smiley:

@Wailer I didn’t know the Sax Guy either.

I’ve been living unda a rock :musical_note: Livin’…:musical_note: I’ve been living unda a rock… :musical_note::smiley:

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This made me think about turning on Arduboys before they are delivered with the chirp app or something similar.

Although, this will probably get my packages opened because they will think something dangerous might be inside… Maybe if it is a friendly saxy tune?

or worse confiscated

I don’t think it’s supposed to be funny as such, it’s just a catchy tune. An earworm if you will.

Say no more. Say no more.

(°_o) Does not compute…

I don’t even watch Eurovision and yet I know of him.

Or destroyed in a controlled explosion on account of being a suspicious package.

In the spirit of using music to abuse technology…
Warning: turn your volume down for this one.

That’s awesome, reminds me of my stereo from college only smaller. :laughing:

The only “earworm” i can really appreciate is the Tetris tune (all of them).

Wow sengen? major earthquake material…

That’s one way to convince your wife you really really really need new sound equipment haha
If she still can hear you after such a sound explosion that is…