Shipping in Italy ? When? [Shipped!]

Hello everyone ! In date 23 September 2016 , i have made an order of an Arduboy (White) from Italy. When i have placed my order , a screen says me that Arduboy in being arrived in 2 / 3 Weeks since the buying.

Now my question is : Where my Arduboy is ? When it will be shipped to Italy ? When i have my own Arduboy?
Thank you all :smiley:
-P3RISH (Mattia Colasanto)

Hey Mattia, Thanks for the purchase! I guess it seems a little misleading on the text but in September the Arduboy was still in pre-order mode, as they were not in our warehouse yet. So the shipping time was for after they arrived in the warehouse.
But they are now in stock at the warehouse!
And while the US (domestic) orders and Canadian and Mexican orders have gone out, the other international shipments including Italy, are undergoing processing through the warehouse’s web portal due to extra clearance needed for Lithium Ion batteries. You may have heard that some electronics’ batteries have exploded recently, and so the regulations are especially strict.

We hope to have the documents cleared this week and continue with the other international shipments! :slight_smile:

September 2015! Because I ordered 6 days ago

I ordered my Arduboy in March 2016 (Spain) and i’m still waiting

Hey Celine :smiley: , Thank you for the clarifications.
The last answer is : I’ll still receive an email for updates on the shipment of Arduboy?
I hope for your reply soon,
-P3RISH (Mattia Colasanto) :smile:

Yes, the email that you will receive is the tracking number once it has been sent out. :slight_smile:

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Hi, did you receive the device? Because I am still waiting … I ordered the Arduboy on December 2015 …

ALL remanding international pre-orders have been submitted to the fulfillment center. They need 2 days to process, and then you will receive a tracking number - you may have to check your spam folder as it might end up there. Thank you for your patience! :smiley: