Shipping of the Arduboy

How long did it take to receive your arduboy after ordering? Mine says label created, but it’s not in the system yet. Just wondering when I can expect it.

I bought mine from amazon, it took ~5 days because i didnt use amazon prime.

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Okay cool, so basically a week. I should have ordered off amazon honestly because I have prime. I ordered through the official site though

It really depends on where you order from and where you live. My first two Arduboys came from a tech online shop in my country and it took 1-2 days to arrive.

If you ordered from our store and it just says label created, it will be shipped the next day. Domestic shipping time takes 2-3 days, international is 2-3 weeks.

Awesome! I expected about a week but sometimes it takes less, and sometimes more for these kinds of things glad to know its within what I was thinking!

And it has arrived. Can’t wait to start programming for it!