Shipping order, tracking numbers, etc


Something that is being asked a lot on the Kickstarter site is what is happening with the shipping order? they were supposed to go out by backer number, but this clearly isn’t the case as my backer number was 1600 and something and people with backer number 6000-odd received theirs weeks ago.

I buy a lot of crap from Fasttech, so I’m well versed on the “peculiarities” of SingPost, and it obviously isn’t a case of some airmail orders being sent by via the slow boat (which happens a lot)

Also, nobody seems to be getting any tracking numbers, they are just randomly turning up.

Would be nice to know if its coming this week, this month, this quarter, etc.


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I am backer #5629 from the UK, still nothing in my inbox or post box! :disappointed:

I’m backer #2026 and got my tracking number today :slight_smile:

Yeah got mine as well, landed in the UK 2 days ago so should be here by the weekend. Annoying the emails arrived 2 days after the tracking number became useless though lol

Hi @Tachikoma,

I didn’t respond to this thread as it was addressed specifically to @bateske, but as you might of guessed, a round of shipping numbers did go out. There were a few addresses that bounced, as to be expected, but a small percentage.

Long story short, progress is being made and we are moderately on track to accomplish shipping during the Spring quarter.

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No worries.

Don’t know if you have been following it but the kickstarter comments have been getting out of hand, I know Kevin has been working hard and the Internet is bad there but the lack of updates and comments have caused problems and annoyed people. I’m not too bothered when it arrives but others are a bit more vocal or have circumstances that required knowing when it was going to arrive.

Yeah, I hear you. Kevin is doing the Kickstarter campaign community himself, as far as their user base and updates are concerned. Everyone should get their Kickstarter Arduboys soon, and yes it was not the ideal Kickstarter shipping schedule by any standard, but I do hear Kickstarter users have grown used to accepting that not all projects are delivered on or near the project deadlines set, so I take comfort in knowing we are not alone… I guess :cry:

I just hope everyone will be happy with the product in the end. The comments will go down in internet history, and you know, be a thing that happened. The response has been pretty positive so far when people do get their Arduboys, so I’m excited to see what kinds of projects come about that use the Arduboy.

Anyway, thanks for your input, it’s always appreciated. In the end, people put money towards this project. and it is behind in getting to them, so I completely understand where the escalated tone comes from.

I hope I haven’t come across as a moaner, just wanted to put the concerns of others into a more “constructive” tone. But yeah like you said, the proof is in the pudding, not seen anyone say they didn’t think it was worth the wait, while my son has lost interest, I’m keen to see what it can do.

Mine should be here by the weekend, got a few ideas about games, but I’m a VB developer not C, got a book ready but only glanced over it so might take me a while to get anything good enough to show off.

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No way! The feedback is really appreciated. Keep it coming :slight_smile:

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