Shipping to Europe?

Hi, i’m swiss and bought an arduboy, i’m juste asking myself the question, how long will it take to arrive ? When should i be worried ? It’s nearly been a week, i’m just impatient.

grüezii wohl ^^

I ordered one and after 12 business days it arrived (I’m from swiss as well)

stay patient, it will arrive

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Great ! Thank you a lot !!! I will wait
i’m in romandie tho

Hello, international orders can take between a few weeks to a couple months to arrive. Usually packages arrive within about a month. Sometimes there can be delays at customs and as I’m sure you are aware this is starting to be the busy season for packages so that can also slow things down.

Continue to watch your tracking number, it will generate one for your local carrier once it reaches your country. Once it does, you should be able to talk to your local post office about the status. But usually, they are not of much help.

If you don’t get your package after a month, and the tracking status has not updated then you can use Contact — Arduboy to get a hold of me and I’ll be able to help out from there.

Thanks for your order!

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Thank you a lot, but i don’t really have a package number yet, it’s ok i think it will probably come soon ? I don’t know

If you ordered, and didn’t receive a tracking number in a day or two please write to Contact — Arduboy and I can get it for you there. We have been having a problem with emails going into spam, or perhaps some information was entered incorrectly.