Shipping to Germany - Customs

(Mehrdad Dastgir) #1

Dear community,

Has any of you had the experience of ordering an Arduboy in Germany? Did you have to pay import tax on the device? if so how much was it? I got my Arduboy shipped a long time ago, but when I track it, it seems to be stuck somewhere in Germany and I can only assume this is for the customs clearance? I would appreciate any response from the community, I can’t wait to get mine and start making some simple games :slight_smile:

(Boti Kis) #2

Hi and welcome!

@Nicole_Birgel may help you.
Over here in Austria it varies. I have a couple of Arduboys and one once landed in customs.
Needed to pay 13% handling tax and 20% vat.

Hi und willkommen!

@Nicole_Birgel kann dir da vl. genau helfen.

Hier in Ă–sterreich ist es unterschiedlich. Habe mehrere Arduboys. Eines war im Zoll gefangen und musste 13% ZollgebĂĽhren und 20% MwSt zahlen - mega teuer. Die anderen wiederum sind einfach so durch. :see_no_evil:

(Mehrdad Dastgir) #3

Thanks for the prompt reply. Then I should be expecting a similar situation here in Germany as well :disappointed:

How long on average did yours take to arrive in Austria?

(Boti Kis) #4


Two to three weeks. :frowning: Customs don’t really care over here and they take their time.

(Nicole Birgel) #5

Hi, as i ordered my arduboy at in germany i had no problems with customs.
The black one though was held in customs but i could collect it at my local postoffice without any extra charge (pure luck).

(Mehrdad Dastgir) #6

Hey Nicole, thanks for the insight. Mine has been stuck for 8 days now

The delivery is going to our office front desk and they wouldn’t pay for any customs tax unless I leave some money with them.


(Nicole Birgel) #7

Well customs in germany doesn’t seem tonhave any rules unfortunately…

(Mehrdad Dastgir) #8

And after a verrryyyyy long wait from the customs, here it is:

For people in who are interested, there was no charge from the customs, maybe I was lucky