Shipping to Germany

Hello, I have ordered me a Arduboy with you on the site .

When will he have about arriving in Germany ?

Sorry for my Englisch xD.

Look my E-Mail:

Dear Customer,

Please review and retain the following order information for your records.

Order Summary

ARD-001-W Arduboy Color: White (1) @ $39.00 = $39.00
Subtotal: $39.00
Shipping Standard International (2-3 Weeks): $15.00
Order Total: $54.00
Thank you for your business.

That’s an email that should have better language. Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

The 2-3 weeks is an estimated shipping time from when the unit is finished being built. The email includes no reference to when an estimate to your Arduboy’s creation date might be, so that email should get a revision.

As for the time frame, I will invite @bateske to the thread. What I can say is, the Kickstarter units have finished shipping and we are into shipping Pre-Orders. I don’t handle shipping personally, but I believe it is a first in, first out of thing.

Hey Niko,
The units will be sent out within the next week to our shipping distributor! Then it needs 2~3 week shipping to your house address. Danke :slight_smile:

@Niko_Schmitz Hey Niko, thank you for your info, but best not to post your address in the forum. Do reach out to us through the contact page: . I would be able to cross reference your email and update your address. :slight_smile: Danke!