Shipping & tracking information

I bought Arduboy from your website. Is there any way to track the order? Or at least get an estimate (can’t wait to get mine :slight_smile: )?
I’m in EU.

From experience it’s taken 7-14 days to the U.K. with the longest being snooped by customs.

For shipping info your best bet is to use the following form:

Thanks I’ll try to contact them if it doesn’t arrive within 2 weeks.

Hey @comatory sorry for the delay! We are currently overwhelmed with orders and are in a hurry to catch up. We expect to have your order out this week. :package::running_woman:


We’re awaiting an inventory restock right now and it seems to be stuck in customs. It was supposed to arrive on Tuesday but now we are waiting for more information. I’ll update here when I know more. Sorry everyone, there were several promotions that ran at one time and we weren’t fully stocked up for the holiday yet. Thanks for your orders and for your patience!


Thanks for the info.

We’ve made an emergency restocking order with the factory so it should arrive in about a week. Hopefully everything can be caught up soon we are estimating November 22nd but please stay tuned!

Thanks everyone for your patience!

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The shipment has arrived! We should be caught up getting everyone’s order out by the end of this week hooray!