ShortCircuit (LMG channel) made an Arduboy video!

ShortCircuit made an Arduboy video!

Anthony checks out the FX and the Mini. It’s awesome to see the Arduboy get more media coverage.


Nice to see how big the Arduboy audience has gotten!

(Do you think they know about me :flushed::scream:)

Yeah they asked for a unit to review at the end of the kickstarter I wish this coulda hit during the campaign! Oh well I added notification email sign ups fore pre-orders: Arduboy Mini Signup — Arduboy

So cool to see so many positive comments to the video. Usually the feedback is mostly “What is this thing it’s too small and only plays one game”. Showing off that people can build their own and use for education really helps get the idea across!

Thanks everyone in the community for the help getting here!


I saw a bunch of the comments (even yours!) after watching it and everybody seemed to like it! Many of the comments were like “I love retro tech, this is so cool!” from what I’ve seen.

Always confused by the whole Linus/Tech quickie/Short circuit system because it seems everybody is on all those channels and whatnot.

Yeah they have like 8 channels, has tons of people working for him. Pretty crazy.

Merchandising! I can only imagine how many water bottles and shirts they sell.


I first heard about and bought an Arduboy FX specifically because of this video so… the coverage is working? I’m excited for it!