Should Arduboy go to PAX East?

Thinking about exhibiting at PAX East. What do you think?

Obviously if you can attend that is awesome! Also looking for advice and thoughts from anyone has been to a PAX event before, this would probably be our highest profile event.

Thinking of stepping it up from maker faires.


Not that I’d be able to go anyway, but bear in mind that only Thurday and Sunday badges are available, Friday and Saturday have sold out.

It might be worth giving it a try and if it goes well, immediately trying to book a place for next year and letting everyone know so they can be prepared in advance. The biggest costs of PAX aren’t the tickets, but the hotel rooms and the travel costs, so it helps to know well in advance.

It is kind of a last minute thing but again, the point would be more to reach new people as opposed to any kind of meetup. Although having helpers is always welcome!


So the question is more of a “Do you think going to PAX will get more people interested in the Arduboy?” or “What is PAX like, would the Arduboy fit in?”, rather than a “how many people here could attend PAX?”?

If so I’d lean “yes” under the assumption that PAX is something like EGX, but they might be more different than I’m imagining, so take that with a pinch of salt.

Pax east! Isn’t that a gaming convention?

PAX is always amazing! You should definitely go, Kevin! Set up a booth and you’ll sell out of Arduboys like ya’ did in Portland.


Decided against it for this year, too much traveling already. Lots of shipping to do right now.

That would’ve been a good excuse to go to PAX. I’ve never been before.

Next year maybe. Need to plan better.